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Friday, May 10, 2019

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery: Reston's Canadian Doppelgänger Digs Hole, Awaits Skyrocketing Property Values

We've written before about our Canadian doppelgänger, the bustling, if sometimes waterlogged, village of Reston, Manitoba (we're informed that Manitoba is what our neighbors to the north call a "province," which is basically a state with fewer people and more moose).

But we digress. Longtime readers may remember that our neighbors to the north wanted to up the population somewhere beyond the 600 souls who now call Reston, MB, home (but presumably below the six-figure population coming our way), so they offered lots of desirable Reston property for $10 CDN (which translates to roughly $0.02 USD, plus a pocket square of flannel or a muskrat pellet).

We're not sure exactly how that turned out, but we noticed that Reston's town fathers are borrowing another page from our New Town development handbook. No, silly rabbits, they're not charging for parking downtown, they're actually digging a hole and putting water in it. On purpose! Check out the Twitters, as the kids probably never said:

Sweet! We love manmade lakes, and air, and fizzy bubbles. And since our own fancy fountain at Lake Anne is currently not working, maybe we should give these folks a call. But let's check out that lake:

Looks pretty nice right now, but we wonder what it might look like in the winter early September:

We're going to try and scrape $10 CDN together stat, the end.

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