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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meanwhile, in the Other Other Other Reston: Eerily Familiar Flooding

Reston Flooding.jpg

We've written before about our doppelganger to the north, which, like our own earth-toned community, recently enjoyed a bit of a property boom. Unfortunately for our friends in Reston, Manitoba, they now have something else in common with us: shockingly massive flooding. Lay it on us, the part of the Canadian newspaper without the hockey scores:
These are restless times in Reston.
That's what those of us not in the professional journalism business would call a "killer lede," one worthy of the Canadian version of a Pulitzer (a pound of backbacon and a 12-pack of Molson's). Onward!
The small southwestern Manitoba community, about 600 people strong, is dealing with flood waters again after another heavy downpour Tuesday evening. According to Environment Canada, Reston was hammered by 104 millimetres of rain, four days after absorbing nearly 150 mm of rain last Friday.

In the RM of Pipestone, which includes Reston, at least 75 homes were flooded by that weekend storm.

About 50 basements flooded during Tuesday's storm, said Pipestone Reeve Ross Tycoles.
It's worth pointing out that there is an establishment known as the "Rest'n Inn" in our Canadian counterpart. Looks like we've found the name for the new marquis hotel currently rising near the Wiehle Avenue Metro station, only ours won't have vowels, so maybe the Rstn nn?

Fortunately, the Canadian authorities have mounted a cleanup effort that (seriously) rivals the response following our own flooding. Behold this picture from the Canadian Twitters:

Reston canada cleanup.jpeg

In equally exciting news, apparently they've figured out how to embed video in Canada:

Now that we've had our "fun," you can make a donation to help in the flooded communities via the Canadian Red Cross (which, shockingly, isn't called the Red Maple Leaf) here.

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  1. Is it true that the "other" Reston was named in honor of Rumpel E. Stiltskin?


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