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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bargain of the Century: Lots in Reston for $10 (!!)

Needless to say, when we saw this headline

we started stabbing at the clicky button on our fancy computer mouse like a Pavlovian rat. Lots in Reston for $10? What with the Metro coming, just wait a few years and we could flip that sucker for a cool, we dunno, $17.50! Or maybe a developer with a Snidley Whiplash mustache and stovepipe hat will mysteriously arrive on our doorstep one day and offer us $20 for it so he can build a very skinny mauvescraper.

Unfortunately, it turns out the lots are in a subdivision in that other doppelganger Reston in Canada, where they're trying to "pump up the population." (We wonder why.) But "eight or nine lots" are "available at the cost of ten dollars," although that's Canadian money, so it's actually more like $10.21 in a currency backed by something other than maple syrup and pelts the full faith of the U.S. of A., the end.

Reston MB.jpg

V. v. v. exciting update! A CTV teevee report takes us to our Manitoba doppelganger for the first time! Unfortunately, you'll have to follow this link, as Canadian scientists have yet to discover the fancy concept of "video embeds." (On the bright side, it appears that through their active technological espionage program, they now have color teevee, the end.)


  1. Is that a distillery that I spy in the background? Them Restonians are certainly an enlightened (if not inebriated) lot.

    1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonOctober 15, 2012 at 1:38 PM


      Pretty sure it's not a distillery but rather the grain elevator that doubles as their architectually appropriate Reston (Manitoba)Town Center. Check out the photos in the second link (i.e., "we wonder why") that Restonian included.

      But you never can tell with those crafty Canadians, eh?

      Apropos of nothing, I am reminded of the story of how Canada got its name. When the first settlers landed, their leader asked, "Anyone want to give me a name for this place, or how we spell it?

      First settler: "How about C, eh?"
      Second settler: "N, eh?"
      Third settler: "D, eh?"

  2. As a person who oftens watches films at Bow Tie Cinema in Reston Town Center, and who also often exits the theater via stairwell exits, I can personally attest to the fact that there are more than one or two enterprising homeless real estate investors that have occupied lots in the RTC stairwells for less than $10 per lot.

  3. I think this is a great idea, small rural places should sell 100 lots at even $500.00 each and collect $1000.00 each year in property taxes, that would generate awesome revenue in a small town.

  4. The elevator in town is non functional. A local farmer bought it from the grain company to use as storage. As for selling the $10 lots, it has worked great as many are sold. However, there is no way we in Reston could sell 100 lots. That would vastly increase the size of our town and there simply isn't that kind of interest. People (who don't know better) prefer to live very close to one another in the big city but never actually know anyone. Visit for more info on our town.


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