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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sinkhole Surrounded By Cones a Powerful Metaphor for Our Attempts to Control Nature's Capricious Power, Or Something


From the Twitter machine, here's a picture of the sinkhole that almost swallowed Reston -- or at least our vehicle -- whole after last Thursday's flooding. Don't look so tough now, do ya, pal? Just try to get past all those orange cones. Just try it!

Meanwhile, VDOT is accepting claims for vehicles damaged at the North Reston Park Swim and Ride. Details here. Fairfax County is also encouraging residents to report flood damage so the county can qualify for some of that sweet, sweet federal disaster money from the gubmint. Somewhere, Ayn Rand is weeping silently, the end.

Update: This fancy YouTube video takes us deep into the heart of the sinkhole. Be warned -- it's not for the faint of heart.

The horror... the horror.

Update #2: According to our BFFs at Patch, VDOT is now saying that claims by Swim Park & Ride patrons will have to prove negligence on VDOT's part, which they of course deny. Or maybe they'll just attempt to settle for $1,000; it's not entirely clear. Fortunately, there's one vehicle you can buy for just slightly more than $1,000 that will ensure that this never happens again:



  1. Now I see where my tax money goes.

  2. OMFG! At :22 you can make out the glint from the reflection of some sort of Morloch!

    Beware O the wrath of the Troglodyte!


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