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Friday, September 9, 2011

Floodmageddonpocalypse Now: Continuing Coverage

More rain? Seriously? Apparently, we could get another inch today, with "the heaviest bands expected later this afternoon," so prepare for another fun rush hour.

Here are some pictures of yesterday's school bus accident on North Shore Drive.

Rt. 7 is still closed at Colvin Mill Run.

Both of yesterday's flooding victims have been identified by police:
Jake Donaldson, 12, was reported missing around 6 p.m., believed to have been swept away by flood waters in his backyard in the 9700 block of Marcliff Court. Numerous police and fire personnel responded to the scene in the torrential downpour to search for the boy. His body was found around 8 p.m. in Piney Branch Creek at Lawyers Road.
Detectives are continuing to investigate.

In another incident at around 7 p.m., police and emergency personnel responded to an apparent drowning of a 67-year-old man. He had been driving his Toyota Yaris in rising waters near Beech Mill Road at Club View Drive. The man, Arsalan Hakiri, was swept downstream in his car. As he apparently tried to get out, he was swept into the creek and drowned near Carrwood Drive.
Detectives from the Crash Reconstruction Unit are continuing to investigate.
One more video. Watch to about 1:05 for a surprise -- albeit one we don't condone.

Update: Confidential Restonian Operative "John" shared this photo of Lake Anne Plaza at the high-water point late yesterday afternoon.


Our BFFs at Reston Patch are reporting minor leaks at Terraset Elementary and South Lakes High School, as well as a lot of waterlogged cars at the Park & Swim Ride lot, which is now (thankfully) water-free.

Update #2: The final box score for this "rain event?" A total of 11.97 inches. Enjoy another photo courtesy of CRO "John:"


Then, on Friday night, we encountered this -- and by "encountered," we mean "almost drove into it, and were so startled, our fingers were trembling as we typed out this fancy twitter tweet thingy:"

Sinkhole tweet.jpg

At this point, nothing will surprise us.


  1. Not the smartest kids in the world. They are very lucky they didn't get swept away.

  2. Yeah. Totally stupid thing to do.

  3. I hope their mothers see this and tear them both a new one.

  4. I hope their mother wasn't the one filming this! You'd be surprised.

  5. The boy who drowned was named Jack, not Jake. He was a great kid with a lot of joy in life. He will be greatly missed by his classmates, friends and family.

  6. This is how people die -- underestimating the force of the water. You can hear a kid saying "mom" on the video, so I am assuming at least one adult was there. So why don't you hear yelling saying, "You flippin' idiots! Stop now!" But no...the filmer just goes along like this is no big deal.

  7. At least in the video of the guy tubing down Lee Highway in Fairfax, you hear people shouting at the idiot to get out of the water.

  8. Actually, Wetland S&S may have a brag coming. At least my little corner of heaven, the Glade, held up pretty well. Most of the plantings are still there.

    My kids did the same when they were that age. Two boys, a Super Tuber and a puppy went down a flooded creek in January. I couldn't even get mad. They had so much fun!


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