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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sad: Accenture Leaving Reston Town Center, Millennium Bank Leaving Lake Anne


Fancypants "consultancy" Accenture is moving its Northern Virginia offices from Reston Town Center to a former car dealership in Arlington. Clearly you can see the appeal, right?
Accenture PLC is moving its Northern Virginia office from Reston Town Center to The JBG Cos.’s 800 N. Glebe Road project, the developer confirmed Tuesday.

“We are very pleased that Accenture has chosen 800 North Glebe for its new Washington D.C. headquarters.” JBG said in a statement to the Washington Business Journal . “The global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company plans to relocate to this Ballston property in spring of 2012.”

Accenture will take about 100,000 square feet in the project, brokers in the deal said, about half of what it currently has at Boston Properties ’ 11951 Freedom Drive in Reston.
Meanwhile, at Lake Anne Plaza, Millennium Bank is sending its customers letters via uniformed federal agents saying it plans on closing its branch there in December, leaving it branches in Herndon and Sterling. A few years back, Millennium had moved to a smaller space at Lake Anne, further back from the parking lot, but this news took our Confidential Restonian Operatives by surprise.

While a small bank branch closing is obviously a much smaller move than Accenture's departure, the potential impact on Lake Anne may wind up being more significant than at RTC, where high-profile dolphin bomb-strappers consultancies and government contractors are a dime a dozen. Even as other retail has struggled, supporters of the plaza could point to the fact that Lake Anne has a drugstore/post office and bank. Now the bank is leaving, and the pharmacy's future remains uncertain. As for us, it means we won't have ready access to an ATM the next time we want to buy some wedunno, "organic green peppers" at the Farmers Market, the end.


  1. Unfortunate, in both cases. Wish Millennium would at least leave its ATM.

  2. THat ATM is not safe. Your back is to the plaza. You would never see someone coming up on you! The people are rude and have no clue about customer service or friendliness!

  3. Sorry to see the bank was the only reason I went to lake Anne..

  4. Anon 5:51, here are some more reasons to go to Lake Anne:

    Quiche and a bottle of Sancerre at Cafe Montmartre watching the kids play in the fountain.

    The free concerts on summer evenings.

    The walk down to the Japanese bridge past the professional looking gardens.

    A peek at whatever is hanging on the wall at Grace. I'm a Lassie Corbett fan.

    The itty-bitty post office where you can mail something certified without having to stand in line for 45 minutes.

    Sweet corn from the Reston Farm Market.

    The one-man Peruvian band at the farm market. Tip him. Buy his album.

    That help?

  5. There's another ATM in the KZ Cuts next to the coffee shop that is open early on Saturday morning.

    And to echo Scubadiver: Other reasons to visit Lake Anne.

    Adorable (new) wooden toys from Small Change

    Monthly wine tastings from Lake Anne Florist

    Sitting under an umbrella listening to the music on Saturday mornings

    Ice cream cones from the Pharmacy

    There's lots to enjoy at Lake Anne.

  6. Very cute "reporting". A few bare facts and a lot of attitude. Trying to strut your stuff and get on the yearbook staff?


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