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Friday, September 16, 2011

On the YouTubes: One More Flood-Related Video, Courtesy of the RA

Because all the kool kidz are still grooving to the YouTube videos of last week's flooding, here's one more, courtesy of the Reston Association, talking about its ongoing efforts to clean up storm debris.

The video confirms one bit of good news that several of our commenters pointed out as the floodwaters receded: The stream restoration projects of the past several years actually held up to the unprecedented storm exceptionally well. According to the RA, less than 1 percent of the more than 45,000 feet of restored streams needs to be, um, re-restored, which is a pretty strong testament to the quality of the work... or perhaps the lack of nearby trees to fall and befoul the streams. Either way, it's a win!


  1. I'm hoping the RA doesn't have to increase dues to cover the cost of storm repairs. I won't have any $$ left after I fix the hole in my roof!

  2. I am genuinely surprised. I was pro-restoration, if simply because I was against the idea of tripping off the path into a 10 foot deep drainage chasm (unless it was transformed into a concrete half-pipe and I was on a rad skateboard). So after all that lovely work, I thought that the Glade was finished (especially the part east of Soapstone). Glad to hear that it was 99% resilient.

  3. no trees fell during the 500 year flood in Snake Den 'cause Larry Butler and Mike Rolband cut them all down years ago.

    And the deer nursery is producing a lovely crop of road kill, yum!


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