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Friday, September 16, 2011

'Naked Jay Big Dill Vodka' Just One More Thing For Reston to Be Proud Of

Naked Jay Vodka.jpgIt's been a while since the 'ole distillery packed up, moving its wares of swill favored by fraternity types at a nearby state college to Fredericksburg. But Reston is once again living up to the traditions of its forefathers from the drunken village of Wiehele, courtesy of Reston native Jason Zimecki and one, um, "Naked Jay."

Naked Jay Vodka debuts with a line of premium and uniquely flavored vodkas: Naked Jay Big Dill -- dill pickle flavored vodka, Naked Jay Whip Cream -- whipped cream flavored vodka, and an 80 proof original vodka. The American-made vodkas, distilled four times, are now available exclusively to the state of Virginia.

Naked Jay Big Dill Vodka, the boldest flavor in the lineup, is the brainchild of Reston, Virginia native, Jason Zimecki. Zimecki came up with the "Big Dill Idea" when he ran out of mixers at a football tailgate with friends. After mixing vodka with leftover pickle juice, an idea was hatched.
It's not quite the apple hitting Sir Isaac Newton's head, which as grade school students everywhere know gave him the inspiration for a square full of low-rise, Ebola-producing businesses. But we'll take it. Let's hear more!
Naked Jay Big Dill exudes the delicious bite of dill pickles and the smoothness of Naked Jay Vodka. Zimecki prefers the product in a Bloody Mary, as a chilled shooter or in a Dirty Pickle.
Who wouldn't?

The fancy press release that crossed the transom here at Restonian World Headquarters ended with this chilling statement:
Photos Available Upon Request
Um, thanks but no thanks.


  1. I'm sure your regulars will pipe up shortly, but pickles are a common accompaniment to vodka in Russia. This also reminds me a bit of a dirty martini. The idea of whip-cream flavored vodka, though, is similar to vanilla, which definitely makes me a bit queasy! I wonder if they'll give discounts to Restonians???

  2. That's the second Reston ebolavirus reference this week. It warms my heart to see our lovely virus get more recognition.


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