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Friday, April 19, 2019

McTacoHutpocalypse Now: Another Cherished Reston Institution Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Pour one out, as the kids haven't said in years, for one of Reston's longstanding institutions, which, we learned this week, will soon be no more. You see, the "hut" of the fabled McTacoHut carbohydrate-industrial complex on Wiehle Avenue, is falling -- not to redevelopment, not to unbuilt roads we can't stop development waiting for, but to (shudder) changing gustatorial tastes.

Give us some McSad blockquote, BFFs at Reston Now:

Pupatella, an award-winning Neopolitan pizzeria, is coming to Reston in early 2020, according to a company news release.

The 2,700-square-foot restaurant will be located at 1821 Wiehle Avenue. It will also include a patio for outdoor dining.

Pupatella, which started as a food truck, does has Reston roots -- founding partner Michael Berger is from Reston.

But how far we've fallen to when the signless, DRB-mandated drab Pizza Hut was a retail powerhouse. Lest we forget how central McTacoHut has been to the Reston experience, note its prominent presence in the most significant cultural product to come from our plastic fantastic planned community (albeit in the "Taco" segment of McTacoHut). And when a snarky DC writer, baseball cap undoubtedly turned at a jaunty angle, was parachuted (or perhaps Ubered) into Reston to see what wonders lay amongst the undiscovered wilds at the end of the Silver Line, he found himself there.

We wish Pupatella well, but we haven't been this sad since another august Reston institution closed. It's yet another cultural landmark taken away too soon. And besides, McTacoPupa just doesn't have the same ring, the end.

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