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Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the YouTubes: Straight Outta Reston

Oh my God, we love this video. You’ll never think of the mean streets of Reston’s Fake Downtown -- or the playas at the Wiehle Avenue Taco Bell -- quite the same way again.

Obviously not safe for work, or for people with functioning digestive systems.


  1. This is the stupidest blog I have ever read, who writes this crap? Try looking for a real purpose and not so much bs. GET A REAL JOB!

  2. this video is old news. about two years ago the youth of reston embraced this otherwise mediocre lil wayne song as an anthem. short lived, but still beloved. unfortunately, the kids in the video went to herndon.

  3. I grew up in Reston and I think your blog is awesome. This video is hilarious and just a little bit depressing at the same time. Love it!

  4. I love your blog. :) Anonymous No. 1 is an idiot who isn't a loyal follower. Sarcastic commentary on local news for the win!


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