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Friday, October 3, 2008

We Get Letters

From the comments:

I lived in North Reston for 11 years and I own a business that is on Isaac Newton Square. We moved from Reston to Brambleton - the neighborhood you condescendingly described in your trivial posting. I sold my 15-year old North Reston House on Craig's List for 2.5 times the amount I paid for it, and purchased a brand new 4-sides brick, lake front Gulick home that was three times the size, for not much more than my sale. Brambleton is the most incredible community a family could want. you should come and see us now - perhaps on the day of the Brambleton Festival, or July 4th Festival, or during the many park concerts we have during the summer. Your posting shows that you are uneducated about your topic, snobby, and condescending. And for those reasons, you would never fit into Brambleton.
We wouldn't fit in? Not even in a foreclosed 1-side brick, 3-side particleboard townhouse?


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  1. Either they're trying to be funny, or they don't get the point of this site.


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