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Monday, June 6, 2016

Flashback Monday: Reston's X-Rated Past

We all know about Reston's antecedents as a colony of homicidal nudists. Turns out some of that DNA carried over into our plastic fantastic planned community.


Dial back the controls of the Earth Toned Wayback Machine nearly four decades to be enjoying, courtesy of the Facebook group Reston Remember When, this ad for the Reston Twin Cinemas, which begat Chilis, which begat more recently a pile of rubble that will soon become Reston's most inscrutably named new development.

The Goodbye Girl was a bonafide 1977 hit, although we're not sure what that obscure sci-fi art film in Theater # 1 was about. Space muppets maybe? Two screens of cinema was certainly an entertainment smorgasbord in the days before Netflix, but it seems... there was also chill:


All of the sudden, this guy makes a lot more sense:

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  1. "Sex World" in Reston in the 1970s brings to mind discolored shag carpets, keys in bowls, and more bugs than Lake Fairfax on a summer night.

    Not a pretty sight.


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