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Monday, October 20, 2014

Flashback Monday: A Model Movie House, Showcasing Less Than Model Behavior

Movie theater model
We've written before about the multitude of cinema options available to the earliest Restonians, thanks to the Reston International Center multiplex showing such hit movies as "1" and "2" (presumably the sequel to "1".) The building is now a Chili's, but we can look back at the day when it wasn't even a two-screen movie theater, but a balsawood model painted white to reflect all that would be pure and stucco-y and surrounded by oddly proportioned trees in the future Reston.

But let's look closer at one of the Potemkin posters. What kinds of movies did Reston's planners expect to pack in the crowds?

Movie Closeup
OOOH LA LA. One of those "new wave" French movies, no doubt. That two-piece would have been tres scandaleuse in the mid-1960s, especially in the conservative Virginia countryside. Good thing the folks over in Herndon didn't catch wind of this, else'n there might have been a good ole' fashioned barn moviehouse burning!

Which such a salacious display of the human form all part of the Reston plan, no wonder the model felt compelled to add a flasher to the scale model. Why leave all the fun to places like Times Square, after all?


  1. Others have pointed out that the real theater actually *did* show X-rated movies at midnight on weekends. Bring your own trenchcoat.

  2. Note that the moviegoer is wearing a trenchcoat, and seems to be flashing the poster. "Expose yourself to art?"


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