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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

With BB Gun, A Previously Unthought-Of Interpretation of 'Get Involved'

BBsWhen the Reston Association coined the phrase "Live. Work. Play. Get Involved," this probably wasn't what they had in mind:

Metal pellets from a BB gun were aimed at a Reston Association official’s Reston home on Sunday night, police confirmed.

Sometime late Sunday night, a shooter shot at the front and back deck of the home, according to a report filed with Fairfax County Police.

The unnamed RA official told Reston Now that they were "concerned that the shooting was done by someone in the community 'who has an issue' with Reston Association." If true, that's pretty frightening. There's obviously plenty to be less than thrilled about when it comes to the management of our groovy homeowners association of late, but this is scary.

Before we pick up our pitchforks (or department store-accessible firearms), let's maybe make sure that all the seats on the RA board are actually contested (for a change). Or show up to an RA meeting (and hope they let you speak). Or write some trenchant comments on your favorite news site or filthy "web log." Trust us, you'll feel much better! Or maybe visit the local zoo, which now has 100 percent fewer wallaby drownings. Or maybe go to a dairy and learn how milk is made. Any of these seem like better options than pulling a Ralphie, the end.


  1. Do you think this was someone who was angry about the Tetra debacle?
    or, maybe a bunch of kids pulling a prank?

  2. Call me old fashioned, but when I was a kid, a pellet gun shot pellets and a BB gun shot BBs. What's with this new fangled BB gun that shoots pellets? Or are the PoPo as lazy and illiterate as always?


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