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Friday, August 28, 2015

On the YouTubes: DRB Drones Or Harmless Hobbyists? You Make The Call

When we first started suggesting that the DRB was developing an army of drones to automate the enforcement of design covenants, people laughed. Someone even made it a wacky April Fool's "joke." But check out this chilling video footage, acquired at great personal risk (we're allergic to cat videos on YouTube), and see who's laughing now.

Is this a hobbyist showing off the capabilities of his/her drone, or an official test run in the target-rich environment of Lake Anne and its aging housing stock? Notice how the drone, while at a high elevation, focuses on the roofs of houses, presumably while infrared scanning technology is comparing the paint on the metal roofs to an internal database of approved colors. Also, notice the attention it pays to the one boat plying the waters of Lake Anne, whose coordinates it is presumably sending to the RA's feared boarding parties. Who knows, maybe its sophisticated array of sensors can even pick up the heat trails of people surreptitiously smoking within 50 feet of official RA facilities. We don't see the missile launch on this video, but maybe that wasn't included in this prototype, the end.


  1. Mere fantasies in a "town" of blue helicopters and continuity bunkers, actual implementation planned by RA uses YOU as the source of standard form population! We hear they have even invested in mass spectrometer deployments with age enhanced color profiling for your faded facades! Additionally, their new "App", required to track your every activity throughout the commonwealth and report to their master server beyond the modernism of 1984 shall include the ability to monitor growth compliance of every organism in public view in your yard! There's more!

  2. Before you know it there will be drones the size of house flies and nefarious people will be able to film everything that goes on INSIDE your house. Or, maybe it's being done already, and we just don't know about... hmmmmm.


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