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Friday, August 21, 2015

Haters Gonna Hate (And Probably Be Late): New Silver Line Commercial Sparks Animosity Among Blue and Red Line Riders

To help celebrate the one-year anniversary of our favorite E-ticket ride to the wonders of Tyson's awesome elevated cornhole arena, Metro released this, yet another in its series of commercials bragging about the reliability and time-savings of taking mass transit to that bomb-strapping-to-dolphins job downtown. Predictably, this didn't sit well with riders of Metro's Blue and Red lines, both of which arguably have seen service diminish with our shiny new line (although the other lines were first to get the fancy new Metro trains -- which, just as predictably, have caused problems of their own). Just as well -- that's left us high-roller Silver Line riders plenty of time to Guess the Stain in our own increasingly decrepit rolling stock while stuck between stations somewhere under Arlington.

Let the battle begin!

Haters gonna hate. What they're not going to do is get to work on time, the end.


  1. It is clear that Metro is currently operating at full capacity, and has failed to instill at culture of safety, timeliness and customer service in too many instances. I have always believed that was unwise to continue to expand the system until its present operating and maintenance difficulties are thoroughly addressed. Of course, to say suggest such a thing brings the allegation that one is opposed to Big Ideas. Opposed to fleecing toll road users so that the airport authority can have nice piece of bling to wear around its neck?

    1. Perfectly stated! Glad to know I am not the only one who is flabbergasted at current situation.


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