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Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Silver Line!

Confidential Twitter Operative "Allison" shared this propaganda leaflet she received at the Wiehle Metro station, reminding us that our favorite E-ticket ride to the wonders of Tysons and the mysterious lands inside the Beltway is celebrating its first birthday. Wow, it seems like only yesterday that we met a fun robot and took our first ride downtown!

We're still waiting for our house to double in value, and even though we pay more than anyone else to ride the rails, we think the Silver Line's been a Good Thing for our beloved earth-toned community, fistfights notwtihstanding, except maybe for those times we need to drive, um, pretty much anywhere during rush hour. Thanks, Loudoun cut-through commuters!

To celebrate the anniversary, Metro is holding a birthday celebration on Sunday, complete with a showing of a movie called Despicable Me, which stars a bunch of bumbling underlings who, despite their best intentions, can't quite seem to get things right. What does that remind us of?
  Broken stairs
Oh, right.


  1. Happy Birthday, Silver Line,
    Your trains are quite fine,
    Except when track fires
    Keep me from getting to work on time

  2. That parking garage is a cluster fudgecake at 6pm. It took me 20 minutes just to leave the dam garage!

  3. VDOT seems to have conspired with Fairfax County to create a traffic congestion problem around Wiehle Avenue station. Even on Sunday, the wait time for signals which allow Wiehle Avenue traffic to flow is over two minutes.
    Signage for pedestrians is poor. Ventilation fan sounds in bus bay area are loud.

    Just imagine the traffic congestion at Wiehle when the Maggie Moo Reston Station apartment building plus 1+ million SF of office space and Bozzuto building are occupied. Then another 20,000+ apartment units. Utopia!

    Maybe well known traffic expert Del. Ken Plum will import Dutch bicycle consultants to Wiehle Avenue to work on a building a high rise bike only facility.

  4. Thanks for the post, Restonian!
    Yes, whoever designed the parking garage/traffic flow around this station ought to have their license revoked...if they even have one.
    And guess what, Metro is having a movie night at East Falls Church this weekend while the station is closed! Fun times.
    ~South Lakes Survivor aka Confidential Twitter Operative "Allison"


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