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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Selfiepocalypse Now: Art Project to Feature Dead-Eyed, Grinning Mugs of Reston Residents

Uniformed federal agents recently delivered this postcard to Restonian World Headquarters and other Reston households, urging us to whip out the selfie sticks and share our hollowed-out, exhausted visages photos for an art project that will cover the brutalist concrete adornments of Lake Anne with brutalist enlarged black-and-white photography. Awesome, and exciting enough that the Action McNews Team came to Reston to shoot some B-roll!

The helpful submission guidelines says "no additional body parts," please, but "let the story of you inspire your expression." Not sure if Reston-themed Snapchats would fit the bill, but you also need to submit a "seven-word bio."

Let's see what those seven-word bios just might look like:

 I am Metal Bob, Destroyer of Woods. 

Stuck on Wiehle. Stuck on Sunrise Valley. 

Sport of kings, except maybe in Reston. 

Get you to work, not the airport. 

Come to Tall Oaks, Wegmans. Pretty please? 

 This space available, depending on the courts. 

 I was here, now I'm gone. Sad.

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  1. Don't count on that space being available! Court date regarding Reston National Golf Course land use status is set for October 23, 2015.


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