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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Metro's New Cars: Coming (Slowly) to a Silver Line Station Near You

We've been teased with furtive glimpses of their rad 80s interiors. Now, thanks to the YouTubes, we can see the fancy new 7000-series Metro cars rolling "under their own power," as our BFFs at WMATA excitedly say, which seems like an odd thing to get excited about until you realize that Metro's current rolling stock is a bit iffy in that regard.

If this video is any indication, the bullet train this ain't, but at an estimated $5.75 one way from Reston to downtown DC, you'll get a lot of (time) for your buck. Also, building these rolling throwbacks will likely be the most exciting thing to happen in Nebraska since the Reuben sandwich was invented there, the end.


  1. 5.75 for the metro, five bucks for parking at the station, and $25 for the taxi to take you from wherever metro breaks down to your destination.

    I'll drive.

  2. It always amazes me that a Metro train can "break down", and yet it can still move itself out of the station and off into the train hospital (West Falls). Can anyone explain that?

  3. As a full-on 'sperger, let me just say HERE COMES THE CHOO-CHOO!!!!

  4. Neither the Metro Silver Line nor the Orange Crush goes anywhere that I have to be. Thanks all the same.


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