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Monday, December 22, 2014

Just In Time For The Holidays, Here's Your Official Restonian Last-Minute Gift Guide

If you're like us, the rigors of nonstop 24-7 "web logging" have left you confronting the final days of the holidays with a few holes in your gift list. Not to fear!

Our BFFs at newish web log Modern Reston shared a list of "holiday gifts that celebrate Reston" a few weeks back. While the ideas were nice -- classy, even! -- we decided to add a few more that truly capture the frisson of Reston at the end of 2014.

LargeFirst on the list for all of us shiny-new Silver Line commuters who have grown tired of playing "guess the stain" on Metro's not-so-shiny-or-new rolling stock is a fancy new series 7000 rail car, complete with retro 80s interior design flair. Note that unlike in those annoying Lexus commercials, the ribbon is extra, and it's unlikely to be shipped in time for Christmas... Christmas 2015, that is.

Our Favorite Correspondent, the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, pointed out that the Reston Museum sells fair trade "Reston Roast Coffee." No word, though, on whether that minty metallic tang comes from a brewing process that involves water circulated through our very own jet-age air conditioning system -- but your cuppa joe is guaranteed to be a piping cool tepid 84.4 degrees, summer or winter! And while supplies may not be limited, the system itself just might be!

71gi2lotP9L SX450Fans of obscure Italian sports didn't exactly get what they wished for this year, but fortunately the wage slaves elves at Amazon have the next-best thing: a "bocce in a bag" kit. And at $85, it comes in at a whopping $19,915 less than previous estimates, making it perfect for the good little HOA on your list!

You might want to give this little stocking stuffer to your favorite North Reston neighbors who don't like the sound of dogs barking disturbing the calming sound of traffic on Wiehle Avenue. And if money's a bit tight this holiday season, you might even be able to crowdfund its cost.

Folks around Lake Anne might want a new pharmacy, while their neighbors near Tall Oaks might welcome a new anything. Many of us would like a new bookstore, and the menfolk around us might still be hoping against hope for a classy new eatery. And all of us would probably welcome the wheelbarrows of cash our homes were supposed to be fetching now that they're a short walk to a Metro station -- not to mention that fancy new bridge crossing the Toll Road right about now. Sadly, Santa is just a magical elfin creature, not a miracle worker.

JpegWe all probably have a golf lover on our list, and given recent developments, it might be prudent to pick up one of these executive putting kits -- just in case. You may want to caution the recipient that their insurance company might decide the corner of the office where they put this is ripe for redevelopment.

And finally, the fashion-forward fashionista on your list will love just about anything that's in the official Pantone Color of 2015, though a word of caution is in order: Ripping window treatments or plywood siding off the side of your 1970s era home probably won't be seen as thoughtful regifting by its recipient.

So there you have it! You can thank us for Saving Christmas later. But even though everyone loves a good gift card, given the crappy holiday surprise left for their Reston employees, under no circumstances should any Restonian pick up one of these:

Chilis gift card

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  1. Instead of buying a gift card for one of my coworkers who (inexplicably) loved the Macaroni Grill, I'm donating the money to the workers' gofundme campaign:

    They're up to over $1,000 now, which hopefully will help their holidays be brighter.


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