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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Every Dog Has Its Day: Group Facing Dog Park Lawsuit Crowdfunds Legal Fees In Less Than 10 Days

Judge doggyHey, remember that time a group of homeowners in North Reston filed a lawsuit against the county park authority, the nonprofit group that oversees the dog area at Baron Cameron Park, and we dunno, maybe the estate of Leonardo da Vinci for discovering sound waves, all because the barking disrupted their uninterrupted enjoyment of traffic zipping by on Wiehle Avenue? Yeah, that was awesome.

Well, the legal process moves slowly, but Reston Dogs was told they had to hire an attorney to keep the lawsuit from going into default and having the park close. So they set up a site to solicit donations for legal fees, and wouldn't you know it, they raised the $3,500 they needed in less than 10 days.

Give us some good blockquote, BFFs at Reston Now:

“If we fail to defend ourselves the case will be won by the plaintiff by default and the dog park will be closed and removed from BC Park,” administrators said in an email to dog park regulars. “Since we certainly do not want this to occur, we have no choice but to defend ourselves. We, the litigation committee for Reston Dogs, have retained an experienced lawyer to represent us, one who actually attends the dog park. …”

“Since the case is about to enter a more intense period of discussion during the next month as we try to find a mutually agreeable solution, this will probably be the most critical month of the lawsuit. What this means is we are in desperate need of an injection of funds totaling about $3,500 during the next month to retain our attorney.”
Lawyers being lawyers, that's probably just scratching the surface, so the site's still up and running, with $3,800 raised at last count.


  1. Between this stupidity and the pee signs at National Golf course, dog owners feel like we're living in the age of the Gestapo. Loosen up folks!

  2. I wonder whether the folks at Reston Dogs will post a full accounting of how that money was spent, including chew toys for their attorney.

  3. Man, the feral cat lobby really needs to step up. The minor rodent offering at the RTC was surely not sufficient and there surely are no beds nor pillows to use as a convenient restroom anywhere in town.

  4. Doncha just hate those gutless squids who post vile commentd?

    1. Yeah, I do so hate anonymous posts.

    2. Yeah, and I do hate those loud, stinky, obnoxious, drooling, furry animals and their dogs.

      Welcome to fokken Reston, where hating is what we do best!


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