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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Still More Clapping, Please! As Metro Takes Over Silver Line, Everyone's Trying to Guess the 'Summerish' Opening Date

As predicted last week, Metro formally assumed operations of the Silver Line on Tuesday, meaning that (in theory) service to the Crystal Koons-themed wonderland of Tysons Corner and the strange lands beyond it obscured by the mysterious "Beltway" could begin in 90 days or less (with the first escalator failure to follow in 91 days or less). But when will the Silver Line actually open? Depends on who you ask!

The Washington Post says service could begin "in late July or early August," "barring any major problems."

Action McNews 4 says "early August."

Our BFFs at Reston Now wisely pointed out that "there was no announcement about when the line will be open for service."

Action McNews 7 will only say "this summer."

Our other BFFs at Reston Patch don't hazard a guess on an opening date, but helpfully point out that Metro took over operations at precisely 5:30am yesterday.

Action McNews 9 is the ballsiest most precise, boldly predicting a start date of "about August 25th." We'll give them "props," as the kids today absolutely never say, for their open, on-air skepticism of that (or any) firm date:

Screen Shot 2014 05 30 at 11 25 40 AM

We should point out that the Post also added that officials were "careful to tamp down expectations and cautioned that issues could emerge that could delay the opening." Trust us, our expectations don't exactly need tamping at this point.

For our official Metro predictions, we think we'll stick with this website. It hasn't been wrong yet.


  1. And Metro officials may well be right because, for 6 months out of the year, it's always summer somewhere in the world.

  2. Debra Alfarone's "Weeeeell..." pretty much says it all.

  3. While many mention a specific month none are bold enough to predict the year.


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