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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

At Lake Anne, A Sendoff 46 Years in the Making (Updated)

P1010942Confidential Restonian Operative "Rangwe of Wiehle" sent along some photos of the going-away party for Larry Cohn, owner and operator of the Lakeside Pharmacy for 46 years. After unsuccessfully trying to sell the business a few years back, Cohn received a contract to buy the last of the original Lake Anne Plaza businesses earlier this year; the in-pharmacy Cafe Lakeside closed in February. Rangwe writes:

Remember when there was a library and a post office at Lake Anne Center? I do! I remember when Larry had Pac Man, Tempest and Donkey Kong in his awesome refuge from development.

I came late, but according to Ruth there were 150 people.

We all had a blast. Lake Anne Association paid for the party so I hear, and hats off to them. As good as it gets in the land of Middle Earth. Where will the Hobbits go for refuge now? Seriously sad, despite my "always look on the bright side of life" stance.
It's still not clear what will become of the space, though rumor has it that there were efforts to entice another independent pharmacist -- which would be a pleasant surprise, in this era of big-box pharmacies.

All in all, it's just another ch-ch-ch-change at Lake Anne, following the unexpected closing of another long-time business last month. Only this one involves a retirement, not a bunch of chains on the doors and no trespassing signs. And cake. Lots of cake!

Good luck, Larry and Ruth. You'll both be missed.

Update: Our BFFs at Reston Now say that the sale is now closed, but Cohn will continue working through the end of July while the new owners look for another pharmacist to rent the space.


  1. Nice people. Enjoy your retirement, Larry!

  2. All our kids loved going there to buy candy. I used the post office and we all ate at the counter. Can't believe LakesidePharmacy will be gone.

  3. Been going there since I was in LANK at Lake Anne. Spent my childhood buying candy there and hanging out at the lunch counter. ahhh memories:)


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