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Monday, May 19, 2014

Keep Clapping! Metro To Take Control of Silver Line Next Week (Maybe), Start Operations By August (Maybe)

Metro Signs 1
After months of speculation, it looks like the awesome Metro Silver Line just might open by "summer"* after all. Metro is now scheduled to take control of the rail line next Tuesday, unless that "target date" gets pushed back, which means it could conceivably begin operations in another 90 days, or maybe sooner, unless it doesn't. Give us some highly specific blockquote, BFFs at the Washington Post:

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles would not comment on a specific start date for passenger service, but that target takeover date of May 27 raises hopes that trains could begin running in late July or early August. Metro has 90 days to complete its work, but Sarles has hinted that the transit authority may not need the full three months.
So much for last fall November January February spring early summer July 4. But now that we have a "target date," at which time Metro will begin testing the line (unless it doesn't), and we can assume that those tests will be smooth sailing (unless they're not), what else could possibly go wrong?
Officials from the Federal Transit Administration and the Tri-State Oversight Committee, which oversees Metro’s operations, also will conduct their own independent safety reviews during the 90-day period. Both agencies must sign off on the rail line before it can open to passengers.
Keep clapping, kids!

* Remember that "summer" starts in December -- at least in some parts of the world:ENDLESS SUMMER 50TH


  1. I'll believe it when I see it up and running for a week with no shut downs. *clap clap clap*

  2. In the days of Reston's co-op commuter bus, my journey from Hunter's Woods to 17th & Pennsylvania took one hour and 15 minutes. (This before the toll road was a gleam in some money-grubbing politician's eye.) The bus was Bonslav's Beaver Express. I had a comfortable seat with a reading light.

    What are the odds that I will be able to get downtown on The Silver Skidmark in less than 1:15? Never mind a padded seat with a reading light.


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