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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reston: The Nexus of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving
Is Reston a great place to live, work, play, get involved, and text your "boo," as the kids no longer say, while tooling down Sunrise Valley Drive in your late-model Ford Focus?

Apparently, yes. In a fancy press release about distracted driving, Fairfax County Police listed the top five locations for crashes involving distracted drivers in 2013. All but one were in or around Reston:

  • Colvin Run Road/Leesburg Pike
  • Georgetown Pike/Leesburg Pike
  • Leesburg Pike/Lewinsville Road
  • Fairfax County Parkway/Sunrise Valley Drive
The fifth location was somewhere in "Franconia," wherever that is. The separatist, often-prickly French-speaking precinct of Fairfax County, maybe?

A couple of takeaways from this. First, watch for the one percenters job creators on their way home to "Great" Falls, as there's a good chance they'll be texting their underlings for updates on various dolphin-related projects. Second, even a structure bedazzled with traffic lights and containing more steel than a battleship isn't enough to keep people from checking their, whazzitcalled, Flappy Birds or whatever, the end.


  1. Because MY legitimate need to share even the most irrelevant piece of information with anybody while I'm driving TRUMPS your selfish desire for health and safety.

    I challenge all of you Filthy Cell Yammerers, the next time you make or take a call while driving, ask yourself this: Is this conversation so important that it can't wait the 10-15 minutes for me to get to my final destination?


    1. Just cause you don't have a life, a job, friends or a cell phone..don't be bitter...I hear they hand out obama phones as soon as you cross into south Reston...go get one.

    2. Maybe there's a correlation between accidents and areas that have a high-concentration of obama phone freeloaders.

    3. Captain Obvious (USAF-Ret.)April 8, 2014 at 11:12 AM

      You mean that subsidized program started by that crazed Saul Alinsky liberal, George H.W. Bush?

    4. Spotted a moomy-cow haulin' arse in a late-model minivan, creeping through the Baron Cameron/Wiehle intersection while yappin' away on her cell. She was oblivious to the two cars in back of her, so self-important was she. Long live Harvard Bovinity School Class of '14!


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