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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

Once again, we waited until the 11th hour to visit this, August's exciting installment of RA Today. And it seems that even RA Today gets caught up in the doldrums of the slow news time of late summer, since we're missing the exciting construction B-roll action of previous episodes.

Instead, we visit RCC's Center Stage in Hunters Woods to learn about their (srsly) varied and interesting performing arts offerings. But all we get to see is two people sitting in chairs on a monochrome oriental rug, a minimalist setting fit for a modernist spectacle like "Our Town," if "Our Town" focused on obscure covenants rules. Sadly, there's no mention of RCC's greatest artistic triumph, which one reviewer said transformed the Center Stage into "the Globe Theater for a chaotic and confused 21st century."

Then we jump outside, to the pint-sized tennis courts used to indoctrinate train the next generation of tennis players. Cute!

"When you think of Reston, what comes to mind?" narrator Andy Sigle asks. "Trees?" Yep, those. So we get to learn about RA's environmental resources staff and their educational outreach, which is pretty awesome and whatnot. And with that, another five minutes and 24 seconds of our lives are over, passing through the hourglass as surely as the fleeting minutes of summer, only less perceptibly so. Happy Labor Day!

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  1. "When you think of Reston, what comes to mind?"