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Friday, May 11, 2012

Park and Ride Closure First Sign of Metro Station Infrastructure? Well, Maybe


Last week, about 45 spots in the occasionally soggy Reston North Park and Ride lot were closed to allow construction on Sunset Hills Road. More specifically, Sunset Hills is being widened to create dedicated left-turn lanes at its intersections with Wiehle Avenue and Isaac Newton Square. While both of those spots have long needed left-turn lanes, as anyone who's zipped up the hill towards the latter intersection a bit too fast knows all too well, does this mean that the county's actually preparing for the crush of traffic when the 2,300-space garage at the Wiehle Avenue Metro station opens in less than two years? What other improvements are in store? Some awesome blinking lights for the entryway to the civic plaza? An Easter Island-like progression of fanciful concrete bollards? Heaven forfend, a traffic circle? A drive-through lane for a frozen yogurt shop to be built in the median of Wiehle Avenue? A flyover ramp that deposits people directly in front of the Michael's in Plaza America? The mind boggles.

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