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Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

Andy Sigle's dulcet tones introduce this, the May edition of RA Today. And we get right into the action, with some sweeet B-roll footage of new RA President Ken Knueven strolling through Lake Anne Plaza, apparently unmolested by performance artists. Saying he wants to see Lake Anne revitalized "for generations to come," he kicks into his priorities for the next year. Sustainability and economic viability top his list, particularly investing in existing infrastructure to make sure "we have a solid foundation on which to build our future."

"As new people and new development arrive in Reston, they may have different needs. And RA will have the opportunity to make these new neighbors feel that they can be part of the community if we've taken the time now to keep Reston viable," he explains.

With that, we're off to the courts -- the mini "Quickstart" tennis courts for the 10-and-under crowd, which is described as T-ball for tennis, or something like that. Beyond combat hang gliding, we were never much into sports.

Finally, Andy introduces us to Reston U.S.E., a "time bank barter system" that is one of Reston's oldest organizations, allowing Restonians to trade time spent web logging babysitting for handyman services, for example. Maybe the neighborhood captains can be tasked with ensuring that everyone involved works from each according to his ability to each according to his need.

And with that, the end music rolls, providing the usual poignant reminder that another 5 minutes and 20 seconds have passed through the hourglass, where no bartering system can retrieve them as we march inexorably into our ever-narrowing futures. Happy Thursday!

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