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Monday, May 14, 2012

Flashback Monday: An Artifact From Reston's Salad Days, Assuming 'Cheap Liquor' is 'Salad'

Reston liquor.jpeg

On the Twitter Machines, @jakehparrott shared this photo of a rare artifact of what was once Reston's main export, which dates back to the days of the drunken village of Wiehle. (Today Reston's main exports are PowerPoint presentations and processed starchy food transported home in the stomachs of Ashburnites who come to the Macaroni Grill or Uno's to "eat in the city.")


  1. I think I remember that bottle, although I remember the vomiting and pounding headache the next day much more clearly.

    It was a balmy summer night in Wiehle, and life was getting, well, frisky, over the the nudist colony. Jezabel, a new acquaintance, and I--having finished our pasta--slipped away from the crowd singing "Kumbiyah" at the Wiehle village center, no, it was a large tent, and . . .

    well, it was a very good evening as I sorta recall. Ah, for the good ol' days!

  2. What about Virginia Gentleman? I quaffed a bottle or two of that during my time at The University.

  3. Liquor? I hardly knew her.


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