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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, a Photographic Glimpse of Reston's Future

Restonian Secret Operative "Sean" sent us this picture of an actual fanciful concrete bollard he spotted in the wild, in the decidedly non-suburban community of Washington, D.C. (where we hear there's at least a Borders, if not a Macaroni Grill, in some place called "George Town.") We don't know about you all, but this makes us pretty psyched about all the new development coming to Reston.


  1. That's a bollard. It looks like a bollock to me.

  2. bol·lard   /ˈbɒlərd/ Show Spelled
    [bol-erd] Show IPA

    a.a thick, low post, usually of iron or steel, mounted on a wharf or the like, to which mooring lines from vessels are attached.
    b.a small post to which lines are attached.
    c.bitt (def. 1).
    2.British. one of a series of short posts for excluding or diverting motor vehicles from a road, lawn, or the like.

    Google Images [] gives us mostly post bollards, not spheres.

    Enter "fanciful bollard" on Google images and we get Restonian in the results! []

  3. Has anyone been over to Dulles Station in Herndon? The bollards run wild there and in packs, its bollard madness...

  4. From the Uplands of RestonDecember 3, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    With a little Rogain and some TLC, you can change an ugly bollard into an attractive russet brown Chia Pet. Do it, do it for Reston.
    This is a real bollard pre-DRB.

  5. Chia pets --- ahh, I love this idea. And it's green and organic and very, very Reston friendly! Best comment for 2010!

  6. Maybe a vision of how Restonians will have to grow some balls to say stop to the proposed increases in the RA dues for 2011?

  7. How much are they going to increase? Last year they went up by $12.00

    Don't be such a cheap bollard.

    The Dues are a Good Deal.

  8. fanciful bollard...

    Dude - you've heard this before - I'm removing my bookmark of this page if you don't knock this tired crap off



  9. Just ignore BITTER FELLOW, folks. He's just a shill for PETB: People for the Ethical Treatment of Bollards.


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