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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Metro Fiasco: If Loudoun Bails From Phase 2, Will Reston Development Speed Up or Slow Down?

Screen shot 2010-05-11 at 10.06.29 AM.jpgSomeone apparently gave the Washington Post "news-paper" a "hot scoop" over the weekend. That thing in the median of the Toll Road? Turns out it's one of those new-fangled Metro stations, and because of that, there might be some construction nearby, pardon the dust, etc., etc. Who knew?

The first leg of Metrorail’s Silver Line, which would run from East Falls Church to the eastern edge of Reston, is more than a year away from opening, and already there are signs that it will spawn some of the development that advocates promised it would. But it is also clear that it may take years for some of that long-awaited growth to actually happen.
At least the newspaper didn't use a big word this time.

To be fair, the Post did delve into a more pertinent issue: whether the trouble (with a capital T that rhymes with P) brewing amongst our enlightened neighbors in Loudoun County would impact the pace of development along Wiehle Avenue, though it wasn't clear if Loudoun's tea party-influenced, pound-foolish handwringing potential rejection of Phase 2 would speed things up or slow them down here in Reston. Journalism!
Other stakeholders worry that a decision by Loudoun to walk away from the $2.7 billion project could delay and even jeopardize its completion. At the very least, it could create more congestion in Reston and especially around Wiehle Avenue, which was not intended to be the terminus for Northern Virginia’s newest rail line.

Public officials worry that its plans for a walkable urban community could be interrupted, at least for a time, if the station becomes a magnet for commuters from the outer suburbs.
On the other hand, the bollardy developers of Reston Station sound like they'd view a stalled Phase II as an opportunity:
At the station, Comstock Partners has already carted away enough dirt to fill RFK Stadium from the seven-acre site where the parking garage and other development will go, spokeswoman Maggie Parker said... In addition to the garage’s 11 / 2 million square feet of space, there will be 2 million square feet set aside for a hotel, residences, and retail and commercial office space. The tallest buildings will be 22 stories high.

Parker said that Comstock will follow through with plans to develop the hotel, office and residential dwellings regardless of Loudoun’s decision. If anything, they would move faster to complete the project, she said. The firm also owns land near the last proposed Loudoun station. If Loudoun quits the project, Comstock will develop office space there.

“Everybody’s waiting and watching,” Parker said.
Meanwhile, some of the locals didn't cotton to the Post's recent discovery of this place called Reston:


Watch for it in the upcoming book 101 Hilarious Newspaper Comment Section Snaps, Disses, and Practical Jokes, the end.


  1. Since Metro can't actually take me anyplace that I need to go on a daily--or even a weekend--basis (never has, likely never will) there is not much point in bantering about the Silver Line har har. I will sit here with my neighbors and wait for that very special 20% price premium that we are certain (promised?) to get according to local realtors. Then we will sell our less-than-desirable ( though environmentally sustainable) South Reston homes and move, letting the rest of Mauve Reston simmer in the sustainable and massive traffic tie-ups on local streets when the Silver Line is complete.

  2. I dispute the assertion that the photograph is a capture of three Example(s) of Fanciful Concrete Bollards.

    It appears to me that these objects are actually reptilian in nature, which by logical deduction must mean that they are eggs laid by Loudoun County's most famous reptile, Eugenicswhitepowerteabaggerabsoluticus Delgaduiosilverlineterminatidus, more commonly known as The Eugene Delgaudio among Loudoun County's Flat Earth Society intellectual elites.

    Although I would say that the smaller of the three eggs may not actually be an egg: I think it might be an 'Sterling' example of an American Family Values turd ball formed from barely digested copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

    I'll also point out that the middle egg appears to contain a fiercely repressed closeted homosexual creature, which would certainly confirm the DNA link to The Eugene Delgaudio. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the middle egg seems both strangely drawn to and repulsed by what it perceives as being same sex eggs on either side. Thus, further evidence that The Eugene Delgaudio fathered this anti-Constitutional turd and these two anti-Silver Line eggs.


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