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Thursday, May 24, 2012

More RTC Hawtness: Reston Police/Government Center or Ghostbusters Headquarters? You Be The Judge

Government Center.jpg

We love us some architectural drawrings, and these exciting new renderings of the new $18 million Reston District Police Station and Governmental Center are pretty sweet, even if they suggest the building will be populated exclusively by ghosts, including ones wearing spectral spandex riding otherworldly cycles. There's even a canine from the Other Side. Scary!

Gov Center2.jpg

In the summer issue of Reston: The Magazine, Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins writes that the new building will be built on the west side of the current facility on the north side of Reston Town Center in order to "allow opportunities for future development of the block." The two-story building will house police-related functions on the lower level, and government-related functions on the upper level, which is full of glass to represent transparency in government (or maybe people just like natural light) and features a kitchentte, which you've got to admit is pretty sweet. The building could be open as early as 2014, according to Hudgins.


  1. I'm OK with something for the cops. They most need it. As for Hudgins office... they can stay there or move to one of the Section 8 housing or FCHRA properties. I think they will then get a real feeling of what's that all about.

  2. Is that stark grey trim DRB-approved?

  3. So the cops are on the bottom floor and Hudgins is on the top floor with all the amenities. lolololol

  4. At least it doesn't show cats and dog living together. That would have caused mass hysteria.

  5. Must be a slow news day.


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