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Friday, July 15, 2011

More Fancy Drawrings of Reston Station, With Nary a 90-Degree Angle in Sight

Reston Station 2.jpg

Please to be enjoying these exciting architectural drawrings of various parallelogram-shaped buildings. You're not looking at plans for some futuristic postmodern development on a German airport service road, but rather our very own futuristic postmodern development on our very own airport service road: Reston Station, which is now our Facebook BFF.

These fancy Facebook pictures represent three of the buildings that will make up the 550,000 square feet of office space at the Metro development. Here they are again, from a different angle, and also as they will appear in the upcoming CGI movie: Tron: Design Review Board Investigators:

Reston Station 1.jpg

We'll give Comstock credit: When they promised "world class architecture," at least they don't appear to be delivering your typical blocky DC suburban midrise office shlock. But for those who prefer their buildings to join together at right angles, please to be enjoying this drawring of the planned residential complex at Reston Station:

Reston Station 3.jpg

Of course, this is what Reston Station looks like now:

Reston Station 4.jpg

Reston Station 5.jpg
"The hole gets bigger and bigger." "Rough terrain." You'd almost think they were alluding to the ongoing hilarity involving extending the Metro line being built right behind this giant dirt pit. But no worries! The Reston Association has decided to send a letter to the airport authority, urging it to finish building Phase 2 of the Silver Line, so all the recent unpleasantness is as good as solved. (The full text is here.)

So yay, pointy buildings and piles of dirt (viewable in real time via this fancy webcam). The only thing that gives us pause?

Brambleton likes this? What, are they going to clad the pedestrian walkway to the Metro station in vinyl siding or something?


  1. It's not brutalist enough. Give me more concrete!

  2. I suppose that if you're going to put up something as basset hound ugly as Carleton House and one end of Sunset Hills, you might as well balance it with something equally gawdy at the other end, especially those office buildings. The only consolation in this matter is that these eye sores will be contained to the north side of the Access/DTR moat.

  3. I dunno... I kind of like it. But I always liked geometry.

  4. Same designer as the Innovative Technology building near Dulles?

  5. Convict--

    You must be confused. The strip between the Toll Road and Sunrise Valley Drive is also going to be redeveloped. High-density TOD. Goodbye trees. Goodbye Reston. Hello ugly.

  6. At first I thought the top picture was some sort of ad for the RIBS 1, 3 and RIBS 2 buses.

  7. From the Reston Station FB page referenced...

    "...a delightful urban park, regularly programmed for civic interaction."

    Does that sound menacing to you? Do jack-booted thugs assemble the transit-oriented throngs for regular programming? Perhaps some forcible interaction of a civic-minded sort? Hardly delightful. And that was before the scary architectural rhombusity became known to me.

  8. Anon 10:23-
    Have you looked online at the satellite pics of the strip between the Toll Road and Sunrise Valley Drive? Parking lots take up the bulk of the space, with trees on islands in a sea of asphalt around mostly boring office buildings and a couple of little patches here and there of clusters of trees. Strictly auto oriented development is what we have now in that area. Why is that worth saving? The heavily wooded residential south side of Sunrise Valley is totally worth saving, and from everything that I've seen, that is the plan.

  9. The Comstock station on Wiehle will sit on 7,500 parking spaces. Only 2,300 of those will be for the Metro. The rest will service the commercial buildings and the residential units (900 or so). I wouldn't call that auto-independent.

    There is NOT a plan right now for the rest of the Dulles corridor. The task force is working on that plan. They are still working on Phase 1. The county would like to see an amount of commercial development that will double the traffic. Reston 2020's plan calls for a higher ratio of residential units that would only marginally increase the traffic. You can read task force member Fred Costello's analysis of the Reston 2020 plan:

    I would like to see lovely neighborhoods with lots of open space in the corridor. However, if the Comstock development is replicated, we will have more auto-dependence, but with many more cars. Hence: ugly.

    And as to your reference about the residential areas south of Sunrise Valley, that will be discussed in Phase 2 of the task force. There is no plan until it is voted on by the county Board of Supervisors. From what I have heard, the county is interested in redeveloping residential neighborhoods. Phase 2 could be very interesting. This is a good time to stay informed.

  10. Ugh... this Southie agrees with Convict. Phase II, bring it on. We'll be ready.


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