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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Indecision 2012: No Jack Kennedy Moment, 9-9-9 Plans Surface During RA Candidates Forum

RA pic.jpeg
Please to be enjoying this fancy photo of last night's RA Candidates Forum from our Facebook BFFs at the Reston Association. Democracy can be photogenic!

During last night's forum, the candidates discussed everything from assessment costs and indoor tennis to services for senior citizens and the DRB itself. As always, we were busy with our candystriping work yesterday evening, but our BFFs at Patch covered the event. No one would commit to not raising RA assessments in the future, which is, you know, the grownup way of looking at the issue. (Our hope that someone would champion a 9-9-9 plan, with $9 assessments, $9 cluster dues, and 9 finable violations from the DRB to make up the difference will sadly have to wait another year.) There was no "you're no Jack Kennedy" moment, since this wasn't technically a debate, but this gets close:

Farrell Tweet.jpg
Oh, yeah. They did. We almost forgot!

Meanwhile, the Reston citizenry property owners have responded with a stirring outpouring of democracy:

Voting as ofr March 13.jpeg
We were waiting to see what happened at this forum before voting, so we're guessing that the virtual turnout has now skyrocketed to 4.499 percent. Always remember and never forget -- the deadline to vote is at the end of the month.


  1. It's good to know that I'm not the only Reston resident who tosses his RA voting notice in the recycling as soon as it arrives in the mail.

    1. It's a big budget that they manage, seems like you'd give it a least a few minutes thought.

  2. Don't you just love the amazing range of cultural diversity among these RA canidates? Why, the diversity of these candiates almost matches the diversity of the shiny, happy people Reston residents portrayed in the poster behind the candidates! My eyes must be failing me. I don't seem to see the RA candidate with the 70s-era Afro that's captured in the poster. White people RA candidates can't jump, of Afro, I guess. Are you sure the photograph was take at the candidate's forum? These people look like members of the loan committee of the Reston Town Center branch of Wells Fargo.

    1. very fair observation

      at the same time, it only takes 25 signatures to run and I can think of several non-caucasian people who could run.

  3. amen, Chuck, but they did not. Everyone -- even renters -- can run and vote.

  4. These yearly RA elections have gotten to be so boring and stupid, that I'd rather spend time doing something else. Perhaps it's apathy, but it's the same rhetoric every year and no change.


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