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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: RA to Spend $5,000 to Thank You For Not Smoking

This is interesting:

Reston Association voted on Monday to install "No Smoking" signs at 122 common areas, including tot lots, soccer fields, garden plots and tennis courts.

The move to remind residents of RA's ban on smoking was proposed by North Point director Mike Collins.

The signs will cost $41 each, totalling around $5,000. RA CEO Milton Matthews says the cost will come out of the 2011 budget, not the 2012 budget that was passed last month.
Folks have been petitioning the RA to enforce no-smoking rules on paths and other common areas for years. Sadly, a mere $5,000 won't be enough to fund an army of miniature airborne remote-controlled drones, equipped with infrared cameras to pinpoint the heat signatures of n'er-do-wells' offending cigarettes and onboard Hellfire missiles thermal printers to issue citations on the spot. Maybe in next year's budget!

Several board members, including Cheryl Beamer and Tom Vis, expressed concern about enforcement, as well as the expense, which could go to batting cages or juice bars or bollards or something. The motion passed 5-4, and for one, we applaud the additional signage and wise use of leftover budget money. In fact, we think we'll start a fancy online petition demanding that the regulations governing window treatments and facades be posted prominently at the entrance of every cluster and neighborhood. Who wouldn't want to pull onto their street and see a sign like this?

new DRB signs.jpeg


  1. Whew. I'm safe then because I would never drive IN a main road although I might drive ON a main road.

    (Do you think that picture is from Arizona or maybe New Mexico?)

  2. Does anyone believe these signs will change people's behavior?

  3. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonDecember 6, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Or, the RA could drive up to the Home Depot at Baron Cameron and order/buy 122 No Smoking signs made of fiberglass for $12.47 apiece instead of $41 each, saving Restonians a total of $3,480.

    But why should the RA care about using our assessments in the most cost-efficient way when it can just raise the assessment every year? What irritates the hell out of me is that there seems to be not the least effort to look for cost savings.

  4. If we could get rid of Tom Vis and elect someone better at the next election...

  5. Yes Peasant, it's "business as usual" at the RA. There is obviously not even an inkling that working "smarter" and using our money wisely might actually be part of their charge. It only takes 5 minutes of searching on the web to find plenty of viable options to $41.00 No Smoking signs.

    It IS irritating as hell.

  6. Eddie from North PointDecember 7, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    Can't Mike Collins think of a better way to spend $5000? It's the same as the analogy, "when a tree falls in the woods, who's there to hear it?"

    I'm really sorry we put this guy in office. he has been a major disappointment, and has done a lousy job, or should I say non existent job of representing North Point. We will certainly reward him at the polls next time around!

  7. Eddie - I'm not sure who you are, but if there's something specific you'd like to discuss, my contact information is below.

    Mike Collins
    North Point Representative
    Board of Directors
    Reston Association
    mobile: 571-969-4903

  8. Reston Association has transformed itself to a country club from a homeowners association. All you need is to run some campaign, people vote for you and that's it... Even if you don't own! So if the assessments get to be $1,000 a year, who cares? I don't pay because I don't own the owner. Just like the Section 8 program... I don't pay rent, but I do have a "right" to have granite countertops.

    1. There's one flaw in your logic, Anonymous. Sorry I didn't read this until today, or I would have pointed it out earlier.

      Renters do, in fact, pay the assessment. Not directly, no. They never cut a check to the RA. BUT the cost of the assessment is included in their rent - or did you think the landlords foot the bill out of the kindness of their hearts?

  9. These signs are a ridiculous interruption on the trails! They are an inefficient use of money and clutter the natural beauty and peacefulness of the trails. Take them down!

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