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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

Christmas just came early, as the RA just delivered a special present via the You Tubes machine: the December edition of Reston Today. RA President Kathleen Driscoll McKee substitutes for the mellifluous Andy Sigle, letting us know right off the bat about yet another holiday gift from the RA: the bill for the annual assessment, which is being sent to Reston homeowners via uniformed federal agents a month earlier than usual. "Expecting a lot of mail this month?" she asks, warning us not to shove the assessment under the sofa cushions with all the cheery holiday newsletters from Aunt Ethyl and whatnot.

But that's not all! We learn how RA clears snow from the pathways whenever we get more than two inches of the stuff, using small plows called "the bombs." Sweet! They point out that the RA often gets paths cleared before VDOT can plow the roads, which has definitely been our experience. Just don't forget to do your "civic duty" and shovel your own sidewalk, is all.

Finally, we learn more about the awesome Civil War trenches and battles fought in the area, thanks to the Hunter Mill Defense League, which has a new DVD and self-guided tour booklet available, plus some rad pictures of artifacts found in the area on its "web site" -- though sadly, those relics don't include a 19th century lists of rules about what colors to paint your ox shed or whatnot.

And just like that, another 4 minutes and 54 seconds of our lives we could have spent shopping or hanging earth-toned lights on our homes is gone, our fleeting moments of mortality vanishing like sands through the hourglass. Happy holidays!


  1. It's great to hear that the assessment is coming early this year. I was wondering how I could spend all the extra cash that I have laying around this time of year. I think I'll include a little extra -- enough for a couple of extra "No Smoking" signs anyway.

  2. FWIW--RA really does plow the snow thoroughly and quickly following both large and small snowfalls here. As a regular walker on Reston's paths, I appreciate it.

    Well done, RA. about those assessments....

  3. Ditto on the RA quick plow. That's why my X-country skis languish in the closet unless we get a snow deep enough I can ski on the horse trail.

    Gives idea! Designate some trails for a ski circuit, leaving unplowed. Maybe even groomed for ski.

    Another subject. I am anti-tobacco, but enough is enough with this nanny-state merde. Spend the $5,000 on something useful: grooming the trails.


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