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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Subversive Graffiti Calls into Question Subjectivity of Experience, Makes Young Children Giggle


Confidential Restonian Operative "The Paper Army" shares this horrifying image of graffiti on what's universally known as the Home Depot Playground in North Reston. Not since the early work of Banksy, or perhaps the season 2 finale of Who's the Boss?, have we seen such an overt and compelling challenge to our subjective interpretation of the world around us. Magritte may have famously said "ceci n'est pas un pipe," but here we are asked to cast aside our revulsion towards the waste byproducts of our very existences to confront the authenticity of the written word. In today's 24/7 microblogging Twitter-fueled MTV video games media landscape, who can we trust, and what really is "bird poop"? We may never know for sure.

Shorter version: Punks.


  1. What a boring place this must be..yawn

  2. Come to South Reston for the MS-13 graffiti!

  3. @Anon 2:28 PM. There's also "live" graffiti. Go to West Glade Dr and you have good changes of getting shot.

  4. Go to the east end of Glade for major police presence. The only guns you'll get shot with are police radar.

  5. Ah, so violence equals entertainment. #coolbeansgangsta


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