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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the YouTubes: We Watch The Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

It's that time again, so gather your co-workers and loved ones around a roaring fire the YouTube machine for yet another fancy video from the Reston Association. Sadly, Andy Sigle and his dulcet tones are still conspicuously absent due to the elections, meaning that Melissa Kneuven is back again as host. No offense to Ms. Kneuven, who does a perfectly good job hosting, but we miss Andy's soothing vocal stylings. Or maybe we just fear change.

Anyhoo! Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins kicks off an exciting new series about the big changes a-comin' down the 'ole Silver Line track. As newly elected chair of the Metro board of directors and "a smart growth advocate," Hudgins informs us that construction on Phase 1 of the awesome Silver Line is now 30 percent completed and reminds us that the Wiehle park and ride lot is closing on Sunday; the fancy new interim lot opens the same day. Hudgins also reminds us all to be active participants in the process, which is probably a good idea.

Then its on to Thursday's Newcomers Night, with Ha Brock standing in front of the RA's favorite mural of giant-headed leviathans. And, then, juxtaposed with some lovely spring-like images, we hear the following ominous sentence: "You may wish to make updates to your property, or you may have received a citation." Magic words that only mean one thing: fun times ahead!

"Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the DRB and Covenants Committee?" Well, no, honestly, but Julie Loy tell us just the same -- the DRB defines design guidelines, while the covenants committee oversees use and maintenance and conducts hearings to "decide if properties are in violation." Loy also reminds us that the committee can suspend RA members' use of common areas if violations aren't addressed, so no pool passes for you!


  1. I'll bet that Cathy Hudgins has probably never had to commute by train or bus ever before.

    Next election, write in The Convict.

  2. Melissa you had me at "Hello.."

    Andy, I hope you get elected, because I never want to hear your dulcet tones again if it means I can hear Melissa's confident delivery of important Reston stuff.

  3. Now, now Convict, I used to see her walking to catch the bus but either our schedules has changed or she doesn't anymore. This was just a couple of years ago. She lives or used to live very close to the soon to be parking lot called Wiehle and the former Tall Oaks area.

  4. Is she related to Ken?


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