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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reston Gets Billing on Three Silver Line Metro Stations; Herndon Likely To Be Annoyed By Choices

Metro station names.jpeg

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has formally recommended the names for the upcoming Silver Line Metro stations. They'll likely please Restonians and annoy Herndonians.
The stations will be named:

Tysons I & II
Tysons Central
Tysons-Spring Hill Rd
Reston-Wiehle Ave
Reston Town Center
Herndon-Reston West
Herndon-Dulles East

The Board of Supervisors pointed out that each proposed station name connotes a community: Tysons, Reston, Herndon, or McLean. Some include street names while others include the name of shopping malls and a town center.
This will likely rile the folks in our tolerant neighbor to the west, who didn't want to befoul their town's good name by having to share a station name with the other Reston. Though they did get top billing -- which ain't bad, considering they won't be providing any of the parking or bus facilities. And of course, no one paid any attention to our awesome suggestions, though the board did leave open the possibility that names could be changed after the stations are open. So there's still hope a Silver Line train could someday pull into Targetville North or Macaroni Grill Souith, the end.


  1. What boring names! We should sell naming rights. Like the interstate rest areas. I'm sure we could find corporate sponsors.

    Perhaps Wiehle could be The Hazelton Research Hot Zone?

  2. I see a lot of potential for confusion with these names. Tysons 1 & 2? Is that one station or two? Maybe only mall goers will use that stop and they'll get it, but would you intuitively get that a single station has 2 numbers AND it's not the first stop in the Tysons sequence?

    Also, Herndon-Reston West is on the east side of Herndon... Herndon-Dulles East is on the west side of Herndon. Just confusing if you're not from here, and by that I mean anyone from east of Reston or west of Herndon...

  3. It appears from the metro rail image that the Silver line won't end at East Falls Church, but will instead share tracks with the Orange line. This is great news for Restonites. We won't have to switch from the Silver line to the Orance line when going to DC. Such a switch would:
    a) add an extra 15-20 minutes to the trip, and
    b) cost us a good seat. The Orange line will mostly liked by packed by the time it reaches East Falls Church.

    Does anybody know how far the Silver line will run? What will be the last station, east-wise, on the line?

  4. Schmoe-

    I believe that the Silver Line is supposed to run all the way to the Stadium Armory station. So that's a non-stop ride to roller derby!

  5. Can't wait, Guantanamo Babe here we come.

  6. Just saw NBC 4 coverage of the naming dicussion: how in the world can Herndon Mayor be all bent out of shape that he has to share "naming rights" with Reston for the Herndon-Reston West station when the Herndon folks have refused to put any parking (hence, traffic) on the Herndon side of the toll road???? Herndon-Reston West should not even mention Herndon until Herndon steps up to the plate on infrastructure... IMHO

  7. I predict that some (or perhaps even all) of the stations will get renamed after they have been opened. The Tyson's stations in particular look like a recepie for confusion.

    How long will it take for some college to open a satellite campus in Reston or Herndon and insist the the nearest subway station bear its name?

  8. fyi, Marymount University is already here, and AFAIK they didn't ask to be part of the Reston-Wiehle Ave stop's name. And I mean, they're *right there*.

  9. I can only say that, if Reston can't have a banked track roller rink complete with stadium seating, the next best thing is a direct line to Stadium-Armory.

    Bring Roller Derby to Reston, or Bring Reston to Roller Derby.

  10. BTW, all of the Herndon stations should be renamed as Illegalsville.

  11. I believe that Marymont University already has its name on the Ballston station so it may be a bit of a special case.

    Maybe Herndon can turn the former police station / day labor site into a roller derby rink?


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