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Friday, March 4, 2011

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: Metro Station Names Rile Town Council So Much They Momentarily Forget About The Other

evil spock.jpegSo what's been doing in our tolerant neighbor to the west? Apparently it's starting to dawn on them that the Metro is coming, because they spent a good chunk of a recent meeting discussing what matters most: the names of the two Herndon Metro stations. And they're not happy with the thought of sullying their town's good name with the other Reston!

Mayor Steve DeBenedittis said the name the town has suggested in the past is simply Herndon Metro Station, then CIT-Herndon West, for the station that will be located near the Center for Innovative Technology building.

DeBenedittis said in his communications with Hunter Mill district Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, she said the names should be Reston West-Herndon for the station that will land just south of Herndon Parkway, and Herndon-Dulles East for the CIT-area station. He said Hudgins, who is the new chair of the Metro board of directors, felt those names best fit the criteria for naming stations.

Councilmember Connie Hutchinson said, “It’s ridiculous that the Herndon station would be named Reston.”
Of course, it would be less ridiculous if Herndon hasn't thus far punted on the whole idea of providing any infrastructure for the Herndon-Monroe Reston West-Herndon station.
Commissioner George Burke said he questions the need for a kiss-and-ride. He said it encourages traffic and usage. He said the nicer you build the kiss-and-ride the more traffic will come to the area to use it.
Hard to dispute that logic! So maybe they should build a really crappy kiss and ride, maybe with sticks with rusted nails jutting out of them and piles of broken glass and whatnot.

We've already offered our own humble suggestions for Metro station names in both Reston and Herndon, but we're guessing the town fathers won't be impressed. Perhaps they should consider calling the station "287(g) MOA" to set the "right tone," the end.


  1. God forbid the kiss and ride might be used for its intended purpose?

    When I was growing up in the Richmond area there were no city buses to the suburbs because the suburbanites didn't want "those kind of people" to be able to take a bus into the surburban areas.

  2. Ah, Herndon. It's so comforting to know that you are still you. For a moment there--with the gay bar and all--I was worried you might be moving away from "crappy". Now I can relax.

  3. Mock Herndon if you want but they have something that we are not: control of their own destiny. While we are subject to the whimsy of the BoS, whose interests include all of those South County Bozos, the Town of Herndon gets decide how it wants to use its tax dollars.

    Besides, if I had to choose between being governed by a Mayor and a Town Council or by a Board of Supervisors, I'll take the Mayor and Town Council.

  4. Point taken. If I had to choose between a Mayor and a Town Council and Reston Association, I'd take the mayor.

    Unfortunately, I didn't think of this when I bought my little piece of our fascist housing.

  5. Too bad you didn't.

    But since RA is the largest HOA in the world, you cannot say you were not forewarned.

    There is nothing stopping you from selling and moving to less restrictive covenants.

    I'll take a russet brown dictate and buried power lines over rusting hulks on cinderblocks with purple painted shutters any day.

    One man's fascism is another's freedom (from ugly neighborhoods).

  6. So, what are you saying there, HKCD? That we were on the wrong side of history for bombing all of those freedom-loving Germans, Italians and Japanese during the 1940's? All things considered, there neighborhoods were probably pretty close to blight-free until the USAF started its own urban renewal program in their countries.

    We may have to live with the Reichstag-am-Sunrise Valley Drive, but that doesn't mean we have to be happy -- or quiet -- about it.

  7. Convict,
    I'm saying if you wanted to move to Herndon, you should have moved there.

    I never have sympathy for those who complain about the HOA. There was no subterfuge involved with those who bought into it.

    The HOA is a good deal for Reston, it provides great amenities for a reasonable fee. I like that the DRB keeps the yokels from painting their homes like some kind of anarchic Mogadishu.

    Comparing our beloved volunteer BoD of RA with the Nazis is hyperbolic nonsense.

    If you don't like Reston, GTFO and live ina particleboard shack off Rt 7.

  8. And speaking of anarchic Mogadishu, I get on my knees every night and thank the Lord that the DRB keeps us safe from Somali pirates cruising our lakes to capture pontoon boats for ransom payments denominated in bags of red mulch!

  9. "Mock Herndon if you want but they have something that we are not: control of their own destiny"

    Ummmmmm.... great. What exactly does that do for them, again? What would a town provide that Fairfax County and the RA does not? And here I mean more specific advantages than the nebulous (and worthless) "control of our destiny" thing.

    What does control of their own destiny even mean if they can't even keep illegal aliens from loitering on their sidewalks?

  10. Well, that kind of begs the question, Dexter. First, can we keep illegals from loitering on our sidewalks as either a county or an HoA? Still, there's probably alot more that they could do (and which could probably be done at the county level as well), if there were the political wherewithal to solve the situation. From my own point of view, I would vote for Corey Stewart if we could entice him to move to Fairfax County, even if that meant that I had to tolerate his other right leaning tendencies.

    Some other things that the Muncipality can do that we can't: make decisions about our neighborhoods without having to garner support from the representatives outside our neighborhoods. Let's say that we wanted trash pick up and recycling to be handled by the govt instead of by the HoA. Well, if we were a municipality, we would only have to convince OUR directly elected officials. As a county entity, we would have to convince not only Hudgins, but also Bulova and all of the other folks beyond our community that this is a good thing.

    Or, if we wanted a Rec Center (complete with a regulation sized, banked track for Roller Derby and a juice bar too boot), we could choose to tax ourselves for this. Now, we would not only have to tax ourselves but we would also have to convince the rest of the BoS that it's to their communities' advantage as well for us to have a rec center.

    Also, we would have greater control over most of the taxes collected as a municipality. At least the municipality would spend the money in our communities. As it stands now, the BoS could decide to spend a goodly portion of our money on fixing BRAC issues or rehab the wooded areas of Lorton, none of which benefits our neighborhoods DIRECTLY.

    We could have our own police force. Of course, that would be a costly start up. Still, we wouldn't have to worry about FCPD deciding that they needed more officers down county and so they're reassigning them from our neighborhoods.

    There are too many things to list that we could do as a municipality that we can't do as just another big, noisy, muave neighborhood within the larger community called Fairfax County.

  11. Reston needs to be a town already.


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