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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Triumph of Art: Fancy Steel Structures May Move From Parking Lot in DC to Parking Lot in Reston


If we're really lucky and keep clapping, a fancy piece of "public art" that currently cuts through a parking lot in downtown Washington may someday cut through a parking lot "civic plaza" in Reston.
A steel art installation currently in downtown DC will have a new home in Reston.

Six structures titled Art Walk, which form a canopy over a pedestrian walkway at the old Convention Center site at New York Avenue, H Street, 11th and 9th Streets NW, have been in place since 2006.

The installation is being moved to make way for CityCenter DC, a one million square foot mixed-use development going in that spot. Groundbreaking for that project is April 4.

On April 5, there will be a groundbreaking for the parking garage and eventual 1.3 million square foot mixed-use development at Comstock's Reston Station project at the Reston-Wiehle Ave. Metro stop.

That's one place where the art installation could wind up when the project is completed by 2013, Comstock spokeswoman Maggie Parker told Washington Business Journal. There is also talk of installing the art along the W & OD Trail in Reston.
The W&OD Trail? Really? What would be more in keeping with being sideswiped by homicidal cyclists communing with nature than walking through six steel panels with LOLicons on them?

This "web log" rarely draws lines in the sand. But this had better not replace the rad '80s art planned for the Wiehle Avenue Metro station, or we'll... we'll... write more repetitive blog posts about it. So there.


  1. I've seen this thing in person. I would hardly call it art. Please dispose of it properly.

  2. I've seen it in person too. My response was something between a resounding yawn and "what is this doing here???".

    If they are going to add public art in the new Comstock development I would much prefer that they comission new works.

  3. Unfortunately public art isn't art at all. It's decoration. Most of it is in very poor taste.

  4. That is neither rad, nor is it 80's.

    Thumbs down.

  5. Though perhaps I should pay attention to the date...

    Nice one Restonian.

  6. So now Reston only rates DC's hand-me-downs? Those folks from Freecycle have gone too far this time.

  7. I think it a pretty interesting piece. I will add more than it takes away.

  8. Convict, HCKD, etc...
    Might there be any public art that you approve of?

  9. I never said I don't like public art, I just don't like that particular public art.
    But I think this whole thing was a 4/1 hoax.

  10. Who needs this example of the "beaux-zo arts" when we could instead have that $600,000 masterpiece which is going to grace the Mark Center in Alexandria where all those DoD employees are moving?

    Now that, Trollrus, is something that Convict, Hickory, and I could all agree on.

    It would really fit in perfectly in Reston. Check it out at:

  11. Peasant,
    Now that's worthy of our tax dollars. In fact, they should replace the Screaming Eagle of the 101st Airmobile with at patch of that frog and fairy.

    I apologize that my taste in art is more discriminating that yours. In terms of painting, I happen to be a big fan of the Realists and have taken a fancy of late to the Impressionists. My favorite painting is Serov's "Devochka s persikami" (or Girl with Peaches). My favorite gallery, besides the National in DC, is the Tretyakov in Moscow, where I spent many afternoons after classes.

    I also like Stanley Murmur's work. In fact, I'm thinking of leaving a faux Murmur about waist high in the tunnel from the parking lot to the turnstiles at the new Wiehle station. Call it my contribution to the Beautification of Reston.

    BTW, I'm also into performance art. In fact, don't be surprised if you see me Streaking naked through the Sunset Hills Park and Ride during the height of Monday's morning rush hour.

  12. Streaking naked through the new Sunset Hills P&R, Convict? That sounds more like something the late lamented BiCO lad would do.

  13. Nah. He would just run through the parking lot and imagine that all of the married closet homos were lusting after him.