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Monday, March 21, 2011

Flashback Monday: South Lakes and Soccer

Set the earth-toned wayback machine to 1989, where we continue our ongoing exploration of a sales brochure that deftly plumbs the zeitgeist of Reston's many neighborhoods. This week, it's time to look at South Lakes:

South Lakes.jpg

Yes -- forgive us for spending all our time either sailing on or walking around the beautiful water, although the copywriter neglected to point out that it does provide an easy escape route after a late-night visit to the ABC store -- one of the "specialty shops" referenced in the brochure.


The brochure also shows this image of youthful Restonians getting amped up for battle on the killing soccer fields. Along with the decidedly non-DRB approved mustard shorts, we found chilling similarities between this image and a current-day video that presages Reston's dystopian future, or something like that, the end.


  1. I wonder whether one of them is "Connor", or maybe "Connor's Dad".

  2. In 1989?!

    Kids were still Mike or Tommy or Ben back then.


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