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Monday, March 14, 2011

Flashback Monday: How Tall Oaks Got Its Name, and Other Ur-Creation Mythology

Tall Oaks.jpg
Please to be enjoying this breathless marketing copy about "Tall Oaks Village," which establishes an ur-creation myth in which the Zeuss-like Dear Leader is supplanted by a feminine, chalice-archetype known as "Mother Nature." And also tall trees.

Tall Oaks.jpg
Maybe we're uneducated newcomers, but we were unaware that "Tall Oaks" is what people once called the entire area around the golf course, as opposed to the area right next to the stucco wasteland shopping center. Speaking of which, we like what they say about "stores, restaurants and services of all kinds." Only not so much these days.

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  1. " of all kinds." Talk about your adverting over-reach. TOSC didn't have a massage parlor, so if you really had a hankering for half-and-half, the only place for you to go was the Dairy case at Giant's or the over-priced 7-11.


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