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Monday, March 14, 2011

Consume, Sheeple! Reston Town Center Attracts Long Lines For Whazzitcalled, iPads

Holy iPad 2 - Apple fans line up at Reston Town Center waiting for the clock to chime 5pm!.jpeg


Like swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, Reston's Fake Downtown Gritty Urban Core was home to the perennial crowds that flocked to the Apple Store on Friday to pick up a moderate upgrade to a year-old product a magical device called the "eye Pad too" or something like that. Call us old fashioned, but we still do all our web logging on the ZX-81 that got us through 7th grade, the end.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if the Apple store and the restaurants are the only stores open in the Reston Town Center. They are the only ones that ever get any business, particularly on a Saturday afternoon in the winter.

  2. I just wonder how many of the people in that line are federal employees or federal contractors, who might not have a source of income after Friday unless Congress gets off their lazy butts and comes up with a workable compromise.


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