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Monday, January 24, 2011

Flashback Monday: North Point Village, 'Everything That Went Before It,' Including Promises of the 'Last Residential Development'

Please to be enjoying this breathless marketing copy, ca. 1989, about the delights that would await homebuyers in North Reston, which developers claimed was built on "everything that went before it."

North Point.jpg

Narrower streets? Center Harbor Road certainly has a cozy, small-town charm, inasmuch as buses aren't allowed to be parked on the sides of the almost-as-narrow Beltway. And we guess street names like Regatta Lane, Brass Lantern Way and Hemingway Drive have "a certain timeless character," assuming that a mental image of Hemingway holding a fancy lantern as he sails into Key West for a three-week bender is "timeless." But otherwise, this pretty much nails it... except maybe for that part about the "last residential development in Reston." Of course, considering the fancy plans for building wood frame apartments on top of a craft store, maybe that talk about building on "everything that went before it" was supposed to be literal.


  1. And what could be cozier than a strip mall complete with liquor store, fast-food drive-thru, supermarket, etc.?

  2. They certainly did do a good job of extending Reston's egalitarian values into North Point. In fact, the designers did such a good job of integrating Section 8 housing into the rest of North Point that you would never even know that it was there.

  3. Convict

    Surely you jest . . .

    Yea, I know. Don't call you "Shirley."

  4. 5:59 - it's called sarcasm.

  5. Thankfully "they" learned that section 8 and subsidized housing and centralized a/c abominations are all failures -- that's why there is none of it in North Point "Village."

    No nasty Soviet Safeway and no crime-infested impossible-to-find "village" centers!

    Poor Kathy Hudgins...can't stuff her ballot box with more of her 'hoodies.

  6. And the monsters who run the RA decided that the millionaires who live in their tacky McMansions in North Point Village pay the same dues as the peasants in south Reston?

    Bravo!! Great job at boosting the rich and stomping on the poor people.

  7. North point rocks! You peasants wish you would have bought (or be able to afford) property here. You can keep the putrid lake anne village center with the aroma of sewage and all those mom and pop shops that can't seem to survive.

  8. Go Anon 1:33! My thoughts exactly!

    And to think that that festering sewer of Lake Anne is what is used to cool (I can't say "air condition," of course, because the air is never comfortably conditioned by that nightmare mess called "RELAC") the houses surrounding it! Disgusting.

    The only thing keeping Lake Anne alive is the tax payers of STD 5 and Lelia Gordon and her white elephant festering, rotting, leaking fetid and un-air-conditioned community center.

    The RA had a chance to do some good in Lake Anne, but they butchered that opportunity, because Milton Matthews did not want to have to work there, and are now enriching an absentee landlord with tens of thousands of our assessment dollars.

    Shame on the RA!

    The epitome of madness!

  9. Metro Managed by Hudgins anyone?

    Metro confirms that there was a fire on-board a train at Forest Glen. Trains are not traveling on the tracks near Forest Glen, and riders must use shuttles to get between Silver Spring and Glenmont. Expect delays on Metro.

  10. Hey Asswipes, here's a broadcast for you. Lake Anne is a condominium, all privately owned, not paid for by anyone except the people who OWN it, just like any other condo except we have to put up with everyone's opinion about our property. If you don't like it don't visit. They're not bread-sticks but you can get some kind of all you can eat crap from Mama Lucias.

  11. Y'all damn Yankees best stay north of the Toll Road and leave the flower of our southern womenhood alone, lest we send Hudgins' Raiders to harass your commerce in North Point or our ironclad to shell Lake Anne.

  12. Come and shell Lake Anne? Don't waste your ammo!

    You will surely walk away disappointed in what you see thinking for sure that it's already been shelled (and mortared, and bombed and even nuked -- where else would "water" elsewhere known as "sewage" glow in such a hue?)

    In fact, Hudgins and her minions have "charatted" (this is America, ppl, let's try using English to explain our waste of taxpayer money) it to death (even though it was long-dead by that time), marked it as yet another "historic district" to 1960's brutal-ism, (which, of course, makes it even harder to rejuvenate); stuffed it full of her voters what with her purchase of that hideous eyesore 'hood in the round and spent a million more of your tax bucks to paint the crumbling bricks and fill the always-busted "fountain" if one can even imagine calling that hideous chunk of concrete trash that.

  13. How ignorant 5:03!!

    "A condominium"? Actually, it's more than one and you've all certainly had your sticky, filthy hands out taking public money to sustain your unsustainable abomination of property.

    And that's not to include all of the tens of thousands of STD5 dollars wasted on that so-called community center.

    So, go wash your mouth out with soap and get your facts straight before you libel those who fund your unsustainable mess. The same eyesore even the ever-wasteful and incompetent RA passed by for dead.

  14. Wow....

    I've been remiss. I guess the various "anons" (who are all in fact the same variety of Summer's Eve), have a problem with the Jewel in the Crown of Reston that is the award winning architect designed masterpiece known and loved by all as Lake Anne Village Center.

    Well "they" can keep their shitty boring North Point shopping center and go stuff their stupid fat ugly faces with a 32 oz serving of 31 flavors, and then drown themselves in a vat of cheap Virginia Gentleman's vodka.

    Do they even know that Lake Newport feeds into Lake Anne (the body of water)?

    Probably not since their head is so far up their rectum...Oh and I'll say it... Racist(s)!

  15. Delusional madness!!!

    Crown of Reston?

    No wonder there is so much sewage in that lake!

  16. Budget by Hudgins anyone:

    The weak economy and fresh tax cuts approved last month will help drive the federal budget deficit to $1.5 trillion this year, the biggest budget gap in history and one of the largest as a share of the economy since World War II, congressional budget analysts said Wednesday.

  17. HCKD: oh the little potty mouth lashes out again --- such a mature face you put on for the world to see!

    The fact is, you would not be so angry and frustrated and painted into your hideous brutalist corner if you could afford to move to North Point and live civilly with the rest of us.

    Reminds of me of the wicked witch of Reston -- she's painted herself into her own "hideous" concrete *but termite infested* corner!

    So -- just when did termites start feasting on conrete?

  18. NPDB (North Point Douche Bag) 10:38

    I chose Lake Anne because it is the best neighborhood in Reston. The homes here are designed by architects not builders. They are the reason why you can have your over-priced particleboard pretend New England cape that looks like any other POS anywhere in the entire country, without Lake Anne there never would have been a Reston. If people like you had their way, the entire country would be the same boring stretch of strip malls that every other town is.

    Your tea-bag is showing.

    North Point is not 'real Reston' It never has been and it never will be.


  19. Oh yeah -- the Tea Party rocks; may I buy you a cup of coffee (at Starbucks North Point, of course) and secure your votes?

    And the sooner we sharpen our pencils and their knives and start chopping wasteful spending, your subsidized brutalist eyesore will crumble into dust where it belongs.

    Don't drink your "architect" kool-aid. Ugly is ugly; failure is failure; and it's more than superficial.

    Now go get a job any pay your sky high "cluster," Hudgins property taxes and her beloved, lovely $33 "sticker" fee, and RA fees.

    All of Lake Anne village center should be torn down and dumped into the cesspool sewer of a lake from which it came.

  20. Bob Simon's Metallic Alter EgoJanuary 26, 2011 at 11:25 AM

    Don't feed the trolls. Also, Lake Anne looks pretty awesome from my vantage point, but I'm a) metal and b) have my back to the lake.

  21. You see? All things for a good and valid reason.

    The matter is settled and closed!

  22. You are entirely too kind, HKCD. I would have labeled them something in the Fleet line of personal hygiene products, although I thought the reference to "Summer's Eve" was very witty.

    Alas, I must agree to some extent with the complaints of the one or several critics of Lake Anne Village Center. The Grey Lady of Reston has lost a lot of her charm and is, alas, Old. The lake is often filthy, especially in the area where there are seats (over by the pharmacy), so I wouldn't want to go there just to sit. The fountain, while enjoyable when I was a kid, really needs some major work. (It looks like it could have been a prop from the movie "Logan's Run".) The stores and restaurants are a quaint mix, but not enough to hold my imagination or my attention.

    The one possibility for drawing the kinds of foot traffic necessary to give the Grey Lady of Reston some life disappeared when the grocery store left. Lord knows that the RCC annex isn't going to do that, what with their usual displays of cheap baubles and trinkets.

  23. I moved up to North Point from South Reston a long time ago (1985/1986), and at the time, our neighborhood was the most the northern point in the community. A lot has changed since then, that's for sure.

    LOL @ anyone saying North Point isn't "Real Reston". I bet you actually believe that Simon is our glorious king too. North Point has been around as a portion of the community forever. Maybe you'd like to take a look at the master plans, which I currently have rolled up in a corner of an office.


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