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Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

It's that time of the month already? February's exciting video edition of Reston Today begins with Andy Sigle nonchalantly strolling into the echo-filled foyer of Reston Association Headquarters, his dulcet tones booming as he deftly avoids all the foreclosure notices.

Next up is Ellen Graves, who tells us more about the upcoming Reston Association Board of Directors elections. We get some lovely visuals of Andy standing in an empty meeting room -- a stunning visual metaphor reminding us all that representative governance is merely made up of "empty seats" unless derived from a mandate by the electorate, or maybe just an acknowledgement that the RA foyer was too echo-filled to keep filming there. Either way, we still don't know the full slate of candidates for the election. Where's Wikileaks when you need it?

But we digress. Then Andy goes "on location" to a snow-cleared pathway, where we learn that RA uses "Canadian-made Bombardiers" with "Ford engines" to put the hurt on the snow. Then in a scene chillingly unlike the penultimate scene of Fargo, we watch the RA's Mike McNamara almost get run over by one of the aforementioned Bombardiers with a sling "seven-foot" blade (forward to 2:39). We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Never trust the Canadians -- even the ones from Reston.

Finally, we learn that the aquatics department is "looking for you." At first, we thought it was about that incident with the candy bar, but turns out that comment wasn't directed just at us, but rather to anyone interested in lifeguarding for the summer. That's a relief!


  1. I don't know, but if you look at the Reston Association website, you find the interesting info under the "Meet the Board & Officers":

    Cheryl H. Beamer
    2229 Cartwright Place
    Reston, VA 20191
    Hunters Woods/Dogwood/Term Exp. April 2011

    Tom Vis
    2229 Cartwright Place
    Reston, VA 20191
    At-Large/Term Exp. April 2012

    I think it would be best interest of the RA Board to request that these two individuals recuse themselves from voting on decisions related to Dogwood or at large as there is a clear conflict of interest that serves no-one.

  2. Not sure what anon 2:04 is about. Rod, why don't you just spit it out, instead of hiding under an anon.

  3. Understand this guy Andy, has filed to run for the RA Board

  4. What's to understand about Andy?

    And, so, about Beamer/Bis bit:

    Isn't that double dipping? Self Serving? Distortion? Failing to reveal the facts? Failure to disclose -- and, just maybe, a conflict of interest? Imagine that!

    And, BTW -- Cheryl BeBe why you deal with the trees that are blocking the Kathy Hudgins super sidewalk to nowhere right in front of your house?

  5. That's just wrong. Two from the same townhouse?

    Beamer is a narrow-minded, loud-mouthed obnoxious liberal. She doesn't listen and she does nothing that anyone wants.

    What has she done for Reston? What has she done for anyone?

    Vote her out -- not disclosing you live with another RA director is wrong.

    Cheryl Beamer: what else are you hiding?

  6. Are all these comments from the same person? Sounds like someone seriously has an axe to grind.

  7. What's the difference?

    Wrong is wrong whether it comes from one or a billion different people.

    We (and yes, there are several of us here who feel this way) suggest you look to Egypt for a contemporary example.

  8. Andy needs to head over to North Point and visit the friendly barbers at the Hair Butchery who may be able do something about that 'do of his and maybe he can stop at JoBanks at the not-really-in-Reston-Reston-Town-Center on the way there and find a jacket that fits.

    And the election diva? What's with those gold and those stripes? Are you prepping to be one of the Supremes?

    And we are not talking about the Supremes residing at 1 1st St NW in the District of Craigslist Corruption!

    And, just for grins, GOOD RIDDANCE Jim Webb---what a disgrace you have been to the legacy of Virginia legislators.

  9. Well, if it hasn't been disclosed that they share an address, then how do we all know about it?

  10. Nothing was disclosed. Beamer's been outed. Just like milton's $200,000 salary and the $100,000,000 gym they still want to build, it was buried in the RAs useless million-dollar website.

  11. I thought we were going to be given the list of candidates for the RA board on the 9th of February. What's taking so long?

  12. From the Uplands of RestonFebruary 10, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    This is to all the anons like 6:02 that are stuck in the Victorian age.

    Cheryl Beamer should not be criticized in a semi-public forum for her personal life. She lives in her district. That's enough.

    I have found her warm and personally helpful (in a private capacity). She is knowledgeable about transportation issues, and has firm ideas, some of which I strongly disagree with, on Reston governance, budgets, and development.

    A more cogent question is how has she voted as a director? Are dues going down? Did she favor The Gym devouring Brown's Chapel? Is she a wise steward of RA dues?

    She seems to be in the ideological mainstream of her district, FWIW, and mirrors beliefs held by the majority of inhabitants in her district.

  13. Bob Simon's Metallic Alter EgoFebruary 10, 2011 at 10:34 PM

    Oh, boy. Here we go again.

    Are we going to have another free-for-all in the comments section over the elections this year?

    We have met the troll, and it is us.

  14. Dear Restonian,

    Your blog is broken.

    While the Anon-ability of posting is somewhat commendable, it is ruining what used to be a fun website with the insane ramblings of the Troll.

    I suggest you limit comments to people who register.

  15. The RA truth stunns, shocks and disgusts. What's insane is sticking around and reading this very public website if you think it's "broken" or populated by Victorians.

    Go Sean and take Milton and uplands with you.

  16. From the Uplands of RestonFebruary 11, 2011 at 7:00 AM

    Anon 3:22

    Rather than demean yourself with ad hominem, get specific. Elevate the tone here if you want this blog to be useful.

    I have advocated since 2003 that RA hire a structural engineer to assist clusters facing block obsolescence. Milton and the RA directors have other priorities.

    Why is RA unable to forge a Reston-wide trash contract? This would save money for all residents.

    The DRB substitutes the tastes of 1970's channeling architects for those of home-owners. Even knowledgeable home-owners can not alter the "Reston narrative". The DRB has a consistent and well-documented pattern of abusing home-owners. It's a feature of Reston. There is a relevant C.S. Lewis quote on tyrannies of the well-intentioned. Why is conformity and control such an important part of liberal Reston?

    Finally, the bar to being a director of RA is pretty low. But it pays nothing. So why sacrifice?

  17. Anon 6:50 compared the RA to Egypt? That is hilarious! What a moron.

  18. Perhaps the RA should pay its directors. The Fairfax County supervisors are salaried county staff (something like $75,000) and some or many of them have other paying jobs.

    I'd rather pay something to the RA directors and attract those who cannot afford the time commitment and weather "ad hominem" criticism. I do believe that RA directors are public officials, and, therefore, must and should be open to public criticism throughout the full spectrum of opinions.

    In any case, I do agree fully with the uplands resident. All of your ideas are good -- especially trash collection services, but aggregation services for cable TV, internet and utilities are something else that the RA could do that would justify higher assessments.

    If the RA's celebrating it's vintage tractors with Ford engines, that's indicative of something a bit out of character for what is essentially a government parks and recreation entity but could be so much more with better leadership and a board that directs rather than follows the RA managers.

    And let's not forget that Reston is all about diversity not just among people, but things, architecture, and choices that may disagree with the 1960s and 1970s alleged ideals.

    And, FWIW, both Beamer, who is my RA representative, and Vis who is an at-large representative, have never, not even once, responded to my emailed inquiries. Other directors, including the current RA President, have responded and have been open minded about divergent opinions including mine.

  19. So, one of us wants to close the door on anon posts because it's not fun and yet another finds hilarity in the anonymous comments!

    What's a blogger to do?

    Wow -- it's just like being an RA director, isn't it!

    Restonian for the RA Board!!!

    I shall head up his election committee with the hope that we can write-in his candidacy on the secret RA election?

  20. In a city of 62,000 people should one couple take up two of only 9 seats on the RA Board.

    We need more diversity of perspective than the "Hon' and Deary" show from Beamer and Vis.

    Beamer is non-response to her constitutents. Vis does not carry out his RA duties.

    Let's get someone else on the Board from Hunters Woods.

  21. Come on, andy seigal

    don't you see the unseemliness of taking advantage of your volunteer face time on the RA You Tube casts to gain a seat on the RA Board.

    If you ethics barometer is that weak, what shenanigans can we expect if you get on the Board.

    Stop it.

  22. So it sounds like the disgusting business as usual on the RA board.

    Stuffed fill of Hudgins cronies and leftists who want to do nothing more than take your money for their endlessly failing programs.

    Lake Anne
    The community center(s) -- yes two of them.
    STD 5
    The $160-million Simon-Says gym
    The streets with put holes (no make that craters now) the size of a car
    The streets littered with downed trees a month after the storm
    "Dieted" roads for non-existent bikers
    Glossy political rags paid for by your assessments
    yet more social housing being bought by the county and further reducing the tax rolls

    Failed liberal policies over and over and over again and expecting a better outcome?


  23. No -- two should not take up 9 seats. They should both resign.

    Beamer has tried to influence ARCH, but she's been kicked out of that group because of her obvious conflicts of interest.

  24. Personally, I couldn't care less whether they live together. The issue is, how well do they serve the areas they represent.

    If people care enough about it, they'll vote. If they don't, they won't.

  25. Anon 9:12 (and all the trolls - who are all in fact 9:12)

    How was it not disclosed if it was posted on the website? By doing so, that is disclosure. There is no breach of fiduciary duty by the BOD not walking to your house and ringing your doorbell to tell you where Board members live or what the officers of the corporation make. Dumbass.

    Seriously Restonian, A year ago your website was a fun place to go. Now a shrill douchebag has hijacked the narrative. Perhaps if they were made to register before posting, they would be less inclined to cowardly anon ad hominem attacks on their community and its members.

    I have enjoyed providing you with the occasional scoop, and have liked reading what the regulars here have posted.

    But the situation is now that Restonian is a clearing house for one obsessed spoiler.

    I hope you change things around here soon old friend, but I'm thinking that there might be other filthly web logs to visit.

  26. Big thanks to Andy & RHOA for clarifying Ford engines in the Bombardiers... We was wonderin' about them engines!

    Used to chase them little orange tanks on Hunters Woods paths with lots of thrown snowballs in the late '80's. Made no difference as, the same-darned rusty things, are still still motoring around the RHOA facilities lot in good weather.

    Thank you for your service, two+ decade old, Bombardiers with larger than average blades.

  27. Sean: You need to chill, dude --- it's all good.

    Don't take yourself, and god forbid, this web log so seriously --- it is, after all, a filthy web log.

    Profanity only demonstrates ignorance and intolerance.

    So, go check out some of the other millions of logs, chill your jets, and go wash your filthy mouth out with soap!

    On, and you might want to spend some quality time on learning what disclosure and fiduciary duty are.


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