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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2011 RA Board Elections: Ask Not What Your Earth-Toned HOA Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Earth-Toned HOA

Is it really that time again? After a completely uneventful election earlier this year, the Reston Association is seeking candidates to run for two open seats on the RA Board of Directors next spring.

This spring, Restonians will elect two members to the Reston Association Board of Directors, which represents the interests of the 62,000-member community association. Representatives serve three-year terms and are eligible to be elected to one additional term. Seats are open for the Hunters Woods/Dogwood district and for one at-large seat. Anyone who is a member of the association, including those who rent, is eligible to run.
Sweet! Let the vaguely inappropriate e-mails fly, and may the best snow remover candidate win!

All joking aside, here's hoping the 2011 campaigns are less acrimonious than the ones earlier this year. In the meantime, the RA is holding an "election information session" on Dec. 15 at RA Headquarters, so if you want some information about the election, that's the session to attend, the end.


  1. I hope we get some folks running for the RA board that can remember their third grade math. With a $400,000 shortfall in next year's budget (requiring raising our assessments), one must make the assumption the current RA board members have forgotten basic addition and subtraction.

  2. "Anyone who is a member of the association, including those who rent, is eligible to run."

    How is a renter a eligible to run for a board seat of a Home Owners association? It does not make sense for a renter to sit on a board that is charged with protecting homeowners rights. Nothing against renting or renters. I understand that a renter wants to have access to RA's recreational amenities and I think they do through the dues that are paid by the owner of the home/apt they are renting. But being able to run for the board and potentially vote on home owners issues yet not be a homeowner? Am I missing something or isn't that a loophole that should be closed? If someone could shed some light on that I would be interested.

  3. We want Rod! We want Rod!

    Koozmin ROCKS!

  4. It's more like Koozmin has rocks for brains....we don't really need his shenanigans again do we? Let him organize the poison ivy patrol.

  5. Was wondering when someone would mention Rod. We could always do worse (and often, we have).;

  6. Call me crazy but given the love that flows from the readers of this blog to the RA Board (aka volunteers) it's hard to imagine anyone thinking it would be a good idea to run for a seat.

  7. To Restonian-
    I am not interested in feeding the 12:04 troll, which is why I address this issue to you.
    I do wonder at what point, if any, someone stops being a public figure. It has been quite a while since Robin moved out of Reston. At what point, if any, does a public person become non public again, if you will. Also, Fat Pig strikes me as personally insulting and over the line, versus Chewbacca, which is admittedly stupid, but at least has a bit of the Restonian snarkiness to it. Why is a nasty personal attack like Fat Pig acceptable on Restonian at any time?

  8. Anon 3:01pm --

    We have to sheepishly agree. We're pretty quick to delete personal attacks when they're directed at people who are not public figures, so the point that this person no longer even lives in the same state is well taken.

    There are so many gray areas in what's appropriate in "web log" comments, you'd think they were a DRB color palette.

  9. Well, I'm not gonna run, are you gonna run? let's get Mikey, he hates everyone.


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