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Friday, February 11, 2011

So Much for Road Diets: Rt. 7 to Get Supersized (Maybe)

FatPerson.jpegHas all the recent talk about "road diets" gotten you hungry for some open asphalt? Well, Rt. 7, the commuter route to Reston that does not currently have a fancy train being built in its median, is about to get supersized. Well, maybe:

Route 7 (Leesburg Pike), will be expanded by one lane in each direction from Tysons Corner to Reston Avenue, thanks to $10 million in funding from the state of Virginia, Dranesville Supervisor John Foust says.

"In my opinion, it is critical that Route 7 be widened from Tysons Corner to Reston to handle existing and projected traffic to and through Tysons Corner," Foust said in an e-mail. "When the Tysons Corner Comprehensive Plan was approved, I had that project added to the list of transportation funding priorities in the plan."

State Sen. Janet Howell, D-Reston, was key to getting the funding for the seven-mile expansion, Foust said.
Don't plan on your double-shift Crystal Koons-to-Reston Zoo commute exceeding Mach 2 anytime soon, though. That $10 million is just enough for some fancy "engineering studies" to see how much the road could be widened through the seven-mile stretch from Tysons to Reston. And not everyone's thrilled by the idea:
Some in the area said the corridor is stressed enough with the Dulles rail construction and the finished product may take away the need for a wider road.

“I'd prefer to wait until metro is in place and see what they does to the traffic,” said Richard Henry, a Great Falls resident.

But still others, like Paris Goodnight, said prolonging the road project will just make Tysons Corner a construction zone for longer.

“I don't know why we're not doing it at the same time we're going everything else. It's just yucky here,” said Goodnight, a Vienna resident.
We're not ones to talk, but is there any chance that "Paris Goodnight" is a real name?


  1. What we need is a "politician diet" in which we reduce the number of idiots who think getting rid of roads is a good idea.

  2. Amen 3:51!

    Thankfully there is some wisdom around here.

    $10 million isn't going to do much, but we all need an alternative to the toll road escalating tolls and the metro if it ever gets here.

    You would think that we could come up with a better name than the "toll road." Jeez---sell the damn thing or at least the naming rights and give it a real name!

    I once learned that it is or was called the Hirst road or something like that, but let's get serious and get a real name a big bucks for it!

  3. Seriously, job well done to the manufacturer of that chair. Not sure what country the chair is made in but that butt is made right in the good ole USA thats fer sure.

  4. Yeah, the Toll Road, when it was first established, was supposed to only keep the tolls until the roadway had been paid-off for. See how politicians and developers keep their promises?

    As for Rt. 7, does this widening plot have any relation to what they're currently doing at the Baron Cameron/Rt. 7 intersection? I haven't been by there in a couple of weeks, but the last few times I drove by, it looked like they were attempting to widen or add a right-hand turn lane (Which wouldn't make sense given the two-lanes you'd have to merge into anyhow).

  5. How on earth do you spend $10 million on a study to say "pave here"?

  6. Lets be honest here. The Wiehle metro parking lot will be way too small. Nobody after 7:00am is going to find a spot to park. If you can't find a place to park, you can't use the metro. Hence the need for more road space.

    I can see the counter argument, "well then they need to get there before 7:00am". It is a zero sum game. If they get there before 7, somebody else is going to get there afterwards and not find a spot, so they will be driving.

  7. Bwahahaha, Sean, that's rich. My commuter bus is almost empty until it reaches the current Reston East P&R, although it is a bit fuller in the evenings. Besides, most of the RIBS buses run circuits and not lines, which means that you have circumnavigate the entire circuit in order to return home. Since most of these routes are 1 hour in length, I can't see anybody willingly adding a full hour to their commute, shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of humanity, just so that they won't have to drive to Washington in the comfort of their own car.

  8. Right now, we don't know what the various 55x lines will be doing once the metro station is built. Obviously they don't need to go on to WFC once Wheile is open.

    The smart thing for FFxCo to do would be to continue the lines along their Reston routes and terminate at Whiele so that, for example, my Beloved 552 will still head along North Shore drive so that I can hop off at the metro and ride to DC without the aggravation of the AM traffic on 267.

    The park and ride at whiele now fills up entirely by 8 but that is not a multi-level parking lot.

  9. Just out of curiosity, does that ass have a time zone all to itself or is it only a zip code?


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