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Monday, February 14, 2011

On the YouTubes: Albert Haynesworth Drops By the Reston Police Station

You know, we would have posted this exciting video of alleged Redskin Albert Haynesworth dropping by the Reston Police station to be charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from an alleged road rage incident when it actually happened over the weekend, but we were feeling kind of sick.


  1. You've seen me post about all of those third-world cockroach gangbangers getting to spend time in Big Bubba's Cage? Well, meet Big Bubba.

  2. There's more trouble a-brewin' for Big Bubba.

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  4. Between the Albert and Danny ( shenanigans, looks to be another exciting post season for the Redskins :-P
    I hope they do lock out the season, so the Skins can have fewer losses.


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