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Monday, February 14, 2011

Look What You Made Us Do! A Brief But Informative Post

Troll_spray.jpegThanks to everyone who took the time to contribute to this weekend's discussion about the recent troll eruption. Without exception, your comments were extremely thoughtful, and we've reluctantly decided to experiment with requiring registration to comment on this filthy "web log," at least through the RA election season.

To answer a few questions: Fake or funny aliases are not just welcomed, they are encouraged. (You can create a throwaway Gmail address or a fancy AIM handle -- hello, 1998! -- to set up a new alias; there are a number of other options as well). Since this filthy "web log" is powered by a ZX-81 which is in turn powered by a 9-volt battery Blogger, we don't have any access to the contact information you provide to set up your profile using one of these third-party services. (This is what our own profile looks like.) And as those who have e-mailed us directly in the past can attest, we hold all correspondence and contact information we receive directly in the utmost confidence, with the possible exception of those nice folks in Estonia who keep asking us for new contacts to help build their multilevel marketing empire. Or those friendly people from third-world countries who are just looking for a trustworthy soul to help them transfer one-fifth of their nation's treasury to a random checking account.

So thanks to everyone who takes the time to clear this annoying hurdle, just so they can post some snarky comment about red mulch or fanciful concrete bollards. And again, be excellent to each other.


  1. You may cut down on the number of troll posts, but your will also cut down on the number of total posts, including good posts. Registration is a pain. You'll also cut down on the number politically incorrect posts - possibly eliminating a view point that many share but are afraid to speak of because they are afraid of being vilified. Lastly, it has been my anecdotal observation that there are far more troll accusations than actual trolls. It is an easy way to dismiss a viewpoint by labeling it trollish than actually having to deal with the actual arguments. Its like calling somebody far left or far right.

  2. What the frack are you talking about, Troll? That does it! I'm calling ICE and getting you deported because you're just too stupid to actually be a US Citizen.

    See, that wasn't so difficult, was it?

  3. Testing 1.. 2..
    Testing 1.. 2..
    I think this will do well for now, but I bet there will still be heated discussions as East meets West, Jets and Sharks style. Maybe you should add dance-offs for final battles in the comments.

    And since we are registered, do we still have to identify the mystic hieroglyphics to post?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hmmm. I see. This is going to be just like the newest version of Survivor...the ones who get voted off don't actually leave.

  6. Huh. I'm now annoyed because "Bob Simon's Metallic Alter Ego" is somehow too long for an AIM handle.

  7. Wow. I'd say that long string of text is a pretty anonymous username.

  8. That is weird. Here's the link I just used to create an OpenID alias not connected to any of my other accounts:

  9. GUIDs rule. Now if only we could barcode it to the forehead...


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